What Are The Best Urine Cleanser Methods?

So you’ve got drug test coming up soon, and you’re wondering what the best urine cleanser is so that you don’t get caught with a sample full of drug metabolites.

You’ll find that you have got a lot of potential options. Some that will work, some that might work, and some that definitely will not work to pass a drug test.

In this post I’m going to take a look at the best temporary and permanent urine cleanser options out there, so you can make a good decision.

We will also discuss cleansing methods that don’t work, and also the best urine cleanser detox products on the market, so that you can make an informed decision about whether you should try using a urine cleanser for a drug test.

Using A Urine Cleanser For A Drug Test

When it comes to using a urine cleanser for drug test success, you’re talking about one of three options basically:

  1. Using a professional detox product that can mask the toxins for a few hours.
  2. Using a professional detox product alongside a natural detox, that eliminates toxins properly.
  3. Using a home remedy to achieve number one.

The truth is there’s an awful lot of rubbish out there, rubbish products, and rubbish advice. So let’s go through each of these types of urine cleanser detox options, so that everything is clear for you.

Unreliable Urine Cleansing Methods To Avoid

If you haven’t got much money, or are ill-informed, then there are some very cheap home remedy urine cleaner methods that you might be tempted to try.

You’ll hear about things like drinking cranberry juice, palo azul tea, even mixing up baking powder and downing that.

urine cleanse drink

None of those things will work. Even though they are slight diuretics (things that make you urinate), they are never going to detoxify your body to pass a drug test, or even mask the toxins for a few hours.

Another urine cleanser you might come across is a thing called the Certo method. This is basically where you down a load of sugar jelly. The idea is it contains pectin, for which there is some evidence of it helping to drag weed metabolites out of the body.

The thing with that method is though, most drug toxins, and some weed metabolites, come out of your urine, and pectin drags them out through your bowels. So it cannot possibly work as a total solution.

What Is A Urine Cleanse Drink?

So now we’ve dismissed the silly home remedies, let’s look at your best urine cleanser options from professional detox products.

The first option is a urine cleanse drink, basically a detox drink. The thing is, it doesn’t actually detox you, it just flushes out the toxins for a few hours.

This is a drink that you buy in a bottle, and you basically down it a couple of hours before you go to the drug test. It helps to flush out the toxins that are in your bladder and urinary tract, while at the same time replacing lost nutrients, and stuff like like lost creatine.

Then you go take the test, and you have a drug toxin free sample.

But here’s the thing, a lot of these drug detox drinks don’t really work. Only a handful are actually strong enough, and have the right blend of nutrients, to do the job they are meant to do.

detox drinks vs synthetic urine

Do Urine Cleansing Pills Work?

The other main option is urine cleansing pills, basically marijuana detox pills. There is literally only one type that really does work, and all the others are pretty much pointless.

It’s also important to understand that no detox pill can ever flush out the toxins from your body permanently on its own in a few hours.

A detox pill takes at least three days, even for a very light smoker, in order to detox their body. And that’s only if you do it alongside a proper natural detox, where you stop taking in toxins, you exercise every day, drink loads of water, and eat healthily.

In fact, if you’re thinking of using detox pills to cleanse your urine, then you should really allow for days as a minimum, but I would say five days to be safe.

On top of that, detox pills are expensive. But if you get the real deal, and you do a natural detox, then it as little as five days, you can be properly free of drug metabolites, and not in a position of having to mask them.

You won’t have to take the risk at all.

best urine cleanser for drug test

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Urine Cleanse On GNC, Amazon, Ebay

Before I go any further, I want to talk about where you shouldn’t buy detox products from.

You shouldn’t buy urine cleanse from GNC, or Amazon, or eBay. Walmart and places like that are equally as bad.

Firstly, the products that Ebay and amazon sell are trash. Secondly, any reputable detox products they sell are sometimes out of date, or fakes. If you’re going to buy the best urine cleanser, you need to buy it from a specialist online retailer.

The products all these places sell are actually designed to help cleanse the body for the long term. They are supplements to speed up the elimination of toxins slightly. But they will be completely overwhelmed by drug toxins, so unless you’re a health freak, then they are totally unsuitable.

Detox Drink Vs Detox Pills: Which Should You Use

So when it comes to getting hold a urine cleanser for a drug test, you have a choice between either a urine cleanse drink, or a urine cleansing pill course.

In a straight up fight, it comes down to 2 things: 

  1. Do you have at least five days before the drug test?
  1. Do you want to do a permanent detox, or do you want to just mask the toxins and hope? 

A detox pill will speed up a natural detox, but it can’t eliminate toxins on its own. So you will need to spend at least five days toxin free, while you eat well, sleep well, drink tons of water, and exercise several times a day.

The course of detox pills will then speed up the body’s natural process by as much as 50%, sometimes even more, to allow you to properly detox in far shorter space of time than your body can do it naturally.

So if you want to be ultra-safe, have plenty of time before your test, and don’t mind spending the effort and money, then a natural detox that accelerated with detox pills is far better.

However, most of us are lazy, don’t want to give up the drugs, or don’t have as much money.

Which leaves your second choice of a urine cleansing detox drink.

A detox drink can be consumed a couple of hours before you go to the drug testing facility, or your interview.

It flushes out only the toxins which are currently in your urinary tract and bladder. This is important to understand. After a couple of hours clean, the toxins from your bloodstream and cells will start to creep back into your urine.

As long as you get a good quality detox drink, and your body is not absolutely overwhelmed with toxins, then you will get a little window of opportunity of around three hours, in which to submit your sample.

So when it comes to choosing between cleansing your urine through a detox pill, or a detox drink, it’s a straight up fight between finances, effort and risk.

Best Urine Cleanser Products For Drug Test

mega clean reviewI only ever recommend professional drug avoidance products, that I have tested myself, use myself, and that my friends and associates have also successfully used. As you can imagine, this chops out 90% of what’s on the market.

But it does mean I consistently pass my drug tests, while I’m still smoking as much I want.

When it comes to detox drinks, the best urine cleanser products out there are Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean.

You’ll need to get the combo deal if you choose Mega Clean, as it comes with six pre-rid pills which give you a 24-hour boost, making it a hybrid detox pill/detox drink option.

Click here for my Detoxify Mega Clean review.

Ultra Eliminex is expensive, but it is an incredible detox drink on its own. It flushes out the toxins, and is powerful enough to maintain a natural balance, so your sample doesn’t get rejected. For more info check out my Ultra Eliminex review.

If you want to go down the natural detox route, and you have at least five days before your drug test, then there’s only one option I would ever recommend, and that’s a course of pills called Toxin Rid.

Detox pills vs detox drinksThese things are really powerful, you take them throughout the day, on every day of your detox. They do them in lengths of course from three days, through to 10 days, and the longer the course, the more chance you have of completely doing a natural detox (check out my Toxin Rid 10 day detox case study!)

Even as a VERY heavy weed smoker, I’ve managed to use the 8 day course successfully. Sure, you have to stop smoking for 8 days, you have to exercise, eat well, and generally stop being lazy.

But these are incredibly powerful, and can speed up the elimination of toxins permanently by 50%, and often much more.

So there you are, if you want to find the best urine cleanser, because you need to cleanse your urine for a drug test, then you have a choice between a permanent detox method, backed up by Toxin Rid detox pills, or you can wing it a little bit, by using a high quality detox drink like mega clean, or Ultra Eliminex.

My final word is that you can mix the two. If you’ve got the money and a few days, get a short course of Toxin Rid, plus a detox drink, then you’ll have eliminated most of the toxins early, leaving the detox drink best hard work to do on the day. That sort of cast-iron guarantee is gold dust.