Best Detox Drinks For THC [what works in 2019]

One question that gets asked a lot, and causes a lot of confusion, is what are the best detox drinks for THC? Basically, which detox drinks will get rid of THC the body.

Thankfully the great news is that that question is actually a lot easier to answer than most of the information out there makes it seem.

On top of that, the best detox drinks work for any type of drug toxins, not just THC. So the best detox drink for THC you can buy will also be the same you will need for any type of drug, they are not just marijuana detox drinks.

With more and more companies doing urine drug testing, it makes sense to not only get educated about detox drinks that work, to understand how to use them, and where to buy them, so that if you are ever called to take a drug test, you are ready.

How Drug Detox Drinks Really Work

The most vital point to understand is that the term detox drink is itself not true. It’s not an accurate description of what a detox drink does. It doesn’t detox you. Once you understand that, you will understand how they really work.

A detox drink actually temporarily mask the toxins in your body, by creating a window of opportunity during which time you will pass clean urine.

What happens with drugs is that when you smoke cannabis for example, the active ingredient that gets you high, THC, is absorbed by the body. This is converted during that process into what are known as metabolites.

It’s these metabolites that pass out through urine, and which are detected in drug testing. So not having metabolites present in your sample will get you a clean result.

What a detox drink does is to temporarily flood the system, and flush out the toxins that are at that point passing into, through and out of the bladder.

A good quality drug detox drink will give you a window of opportunity of around five hours in which to submit your sample, with the best time around an hour after consumption.

So that’s the key point to understand, a detox drink does not detox your body, it merely masks the toxins for a short space of time.

Detox pills vs detox drinks

Marijuana Detox Drinks Vs Detox Pills

So now we understand what a detox drink really does, we can compare it to detox pills.

The difference is that a detox pill accelerates the body’s natural detoxification process. Now we have to be careful here because the body can literally only process at a certain maximum rate, even when enhanced, so wild claims about detoxing for real in 24 hours are just that.

But it is possible to speed up the body’s natural detoxification process, which takes around 2-3 weeks to do naturally.

And natural detoxification involves helping the body to work at peak efficiency through supporting it with good water intake, good food and exercise.

What a detox pill does is to put nutrients and ingredients into the body which help to enhance the natural detoxification even further.

So this acceleration with detox pills can help you to submit a clean sample far quicker. A good quality detox pill like Toxin Rid can usually help you to detox in around 5-7 days, much faster and naturally.

Which means depending on the time scale and what you want to achieve, a drug detox drink and a detox pill can help you to get to the same goal, basically a clear drug test, but through completely different approaches.

One temporarily removes toxins, the other accelerates the body’s process to actually detoxify you.

When To Use A Detox Drink

The most obvious times to use a detox drink is when time is short. You are not going to get more than a weeks notice usually of taking a drug test, because obviously you could just abstain and potentially pass after that time, so they don’t usually give you that much time.

So if you have time, then abstaining and doing a natural detox, or supporting a proper detox with detox pills is a good strategy, if you want to stop taking whatever it is you’re taking.

But if for example you don’t want to stop smoking, or you don’t have time to actually detox, then you are going to have to face the fact that THC is going to be present in your system, which only leaves you the option of masking it with a detox drink.

Detox drinks for Drug test

Synthetic Urine Vs Detox Drinks For THC

When it comes to choosing a strategy to get through a urine drug test, you have three possibilities:

  1. Detox naturally, or accelerate it with detox pills
  2. Mask the toxins for a few hours with a cleansing drink
  3. Submit a fake sample using high quality synthetic urine

When it comes to choosing between synthetic urine and marijuana detox drinks to get through a drug test, you are basically choosing the level of risk, and the type of risk you want to take.

If it’s an unsupervised drug test, then submitting a high quality synthetic urine is your best strategy. The risk of failure comes down to the quality of the synthetic urine.

If it’s unsupervised and you use a detox drink, the margin of error is higher because of the fact you are only temporarily removing toxins from your urine. Get the timing wrong, or use a poor quality detox drink and you could get caught.

However, a marijuana cleansing drinks are safer in terms of the risk of getting seen. Even if it’s unsupervised, it can be problematic to carry a container of synthetic urine on you to the lab.

For a supervised drug test, where you are observed, at least with someone in the room, then submitting a fake sample is possible, but runs a higher risk of being seen. In this case, using detox drink for drug test is the safer strategy.

Detox Drinks That Don’t Work

We will cover the two brands of detox drink that have a long track record of working in a little while. But first let’s talk about the detox drinks that don’t work.

Low quality THC detox drinks are everywhere. A lot of them are sold with great marketing claims, but are actually little more than flavored and colored water.

Both in my own testing through jobs and at home kits for reviewing products, and anecdotal evidence from friends and online contacts, the brands that consistently seem to fall short include:

  • Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 and 16
  • Stinger Detox
  • Vale Detox
  • Jazz Total Detox
  • Magnum Detox 32Oz One Hour System Cleaner

Unfortunately, whatever the intentions of the companies who make them, the track record just seems poor. On sites like Amazon and specialist forums, time after time you read about how people failed drug tests after trying to use these cleansing drinks.

Now it could be that the person took it wrongly, or missed the window of opportunity. Or it could be down to the size of their body, metabolism, or perhaps they were just such a huge smoker that the toxins couldn’t be eradicated.

But when it’s time after time of time, then you have to start listening that message.

You have to ignore the marketing, look at the facts, and take heed of the suspiciously low price point on most of his products. Good detox drinks cost good money.

Stinger detox review

Should You Buy Detox Drinks At Walmart?

Walmart and Walgreens, along with place like Amazon do sell some detox drinks. In terms of Walmart and Walgreens, they sell most of the brands I’ve just covered.

The bottom line is they are looking to turn over high-volume at a low price point, and if you fail a drug test with a detox drink bought in Walmart, you’re hardly going to take it back and ask for a refund!

So the bottom line is I wouldn’t recommend any of these brands, or that you buy them from a non-specialist retail outlet. It’s just not safe, and a bit stupid when you have other brands that do work, and that you can buy in safety from specialist online retailers.

I would also point out not to buy them from a headshop. These places mostly sell crap and again you are not going to go back and ask for a refund when you lose your job.

So your only option is to buy something that works.

Walmart detox drinks

The Two Detox Drinks For Drug Test You Can Trust

Now we have talked about the detox drinks that you can’t trust, let’s give you the good news. There are two brands of detox drink that really do work. Consistently.

I’m not just saying that, I have tried them both with home drug test kits for review purposes, and I have also passed several employment tests using them as well. The same for friends who smoke, and also people I know who contact me through the site and Facebook.

These are both trusted brands and they are well worth the money. But they are not cheap.

You are talking about paying an average of $50 for each of them, which is not insignificant. But they are the real deal, and they will get you through a drug test, which is invaluable.

  1. Rescue Cleanse

Rescue Cleanse is my number one “go to” brand of detox drink for several key reasons:

  • It really works
  • You can’t buy in Walmart
  • It doesn’t need aggressive marketing
  • I have personally tested it several times
  • Did I mention it really works?

Rescue Cleanse is as close to a one day detox cleanse for drug test as you will get. Obviously it’s impossible to truly detox in 24 hours, but with a bottle of this stuff you will get as close to doing that as is possible. You can purchase it from their official website.

Rescue Cleanse 32Oz Instructions

It’s really simple to use, with the following easy instructions:

  • Step one. Avoid toxins for 72 hours if possible, so stop smoking for example.
  • Step two. Do not eat or drink in the four hours leading up to taking Rescue Cleanse.
  • Step three. Shake the refrigerated bottle and drink all of it in around 10 minutes.
  • Step four. Fill the empty bottle with water and drink that 15 minutes later.
  • Step five. Urinate a few times in the next hour, and don’t eat or drink.

After that you will be in what the product calls its “clear zone” of up to 5 hours to be toxin free and submit your urine sample.

Your maximum effectiveness is in the the second hour of that zone, so three hours after you finish drinking it. Usually that’s a great time period to get to a lab and submit your sample.

Detox drinks for THC


  1. Mega Clean

If you can’t get Rescue Cleanse then Mega Clean is almost as good. However, it’s only good if you buy it online with the pre-rid tablets, and you follow a slightly more involved process:

  • Step one. In the two days leading up to using it, exercise, drink lots of water and eat light meals with fiber.
  • Step two. On the day you want to be toxin free, take the six toxin rid pills at a rate of one per hour with a 16oz glass of water each time.
  • Step three. Three hours before you want to be clean, shake the bottle and drink its contents.
  • Step four. Wait 15 minutes then fill the bottle and drink it.
  • Step five. Urinate a few times during the next hour.

After that should be pretty well set, with maximum effectiveness in the three hours after the hour in which you took the drink.

So there you go, the two brands of detox drink for drug test that really work: Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean.

I’m recommending them because they have a track record of working, and now you understand how a detox drink works, you choose another brand, you might as well just drink water, wander into the lab and toss a coin.

Don’t take the risk, spend the money and get the best detox drinks for THC. Buy them and keep them in stock for when you need them.

Marijuana detox drinks

Detox Drinks For Drug Test: FAQs

Now you understand exactly what a detox drink is and how it works, and when it’s better to deploy one in preference to fake urine, let’s finish by answering some of the common frequently asked questions people ask around the topic of detox drinks.

Do detox drinks work?

As you have now already read, yes  drug detox drinks can work. However, you have to select a high quality brand like Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean. On top of that, you have to make sure that you abstain, in the days leading up to the test that you eat healthily, drink a lot of water and exercise.

On the day of the test you have to make sure that you follow the process exactly, and then submit your sample in the clear zone that has been created.

What stores sell detox drinks?

Lots of big stores like Walmart sell detox drinks. But the poor quality brands like Qcarbo and Magnum that they sell will not do the job. They really are no better than selling water to you.

You can also buy them from headshops and specialist online stores, but I’d always look for a trusted website to get hold of the two brands we have discussed, Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean.

Where to buy detox drinks?

I would always recommend that you only buy brands of detox drinks for drug test through specialist online retailers. Not only can you be sure you are getting the real deal, not fakes, but you will get a good price as well. The best websites I recommend to buy detox drinks from are

Is cranberry juice good for a drug test?

There are lots of home remedy drug test solutions you will find online. They are repeated in forums often by people who have never tried them themselves. The bottom line is none of these things work. Cranberry juice definitely won’t help to detox you for a drug test.

It’s not a drug detox drink, it doesn’t have the right properties, and drinking it simply won’t help you to clean your urine of drug toxins.

Do detox drinks work for opiates?

If you are taking a urine drug test then a detox drink will work for opiates. A detox drink will work for any type of drug toxins, it doesn’t matter what the toxins are, the whole point of a detox drink is to cleanse your urine for a few hours so that you can submit the sample and pass.

Do detox drinks work the Coke?

Yes, detox drinks will work for masking cocaine use. The point of a detox drink is that it masks drug toxins for small amount of time, usually around five hours. It literally doesn’t matter which drug toxins they are, all you are doing is cleansing your urine for a few hours submit a clean sample.

So it doesn’t matter which drug you have taken, or how long ago, the cleansing drink is designed to deliver a clean sample whatever you have been doing.