Does Total Eclipse Assure Detox Work?

There are literally loads of detox drinks out there, most of which are complete rubbish. I was wondering if Assure detox reviews are telling the truth, because a lot of reviewers are saying it works to pass a drug test.

But looking at the negative reviews, and talking to some people I know through my Facebook page, I’m not convinced that Total Eclipse Assure detox works at all.

As my key reason for writing detox drink reviews is to stop people getting caught out and losing their jobs, or worse, I felt it was right to write a detailed Assure Detox review, to find the truth about whether it works or not.

What Is Total Eclipse Assure Detox?

Assure detox is one of a range of detox drinks sold by company called Total Eclipse. As Assure is the biggest seller in their range, I thought I would focus on that for this review.

The products full name is Total Eclipse Assure maximum strength detox. That’s why it’s known by several names online, and why there’s a bit of confusion, with some people calling it Total Eclipse, some calling is Assure, and some people calling it Assure Maximum Strength.

It retails on GNC, and the main company website at about $43. However, for the purposes of reviewing it, or if you want to try it with a home test, you can get it on Amazon for about $27.

It’s a large bottle, containing 32oz of liquid. That’s a lot, more than almost any other detox drink I’ve ever heard of. That may explain some of the confusion out there around the instructions for using Total Eclipse Assure.

Total Eclipse Assure Detox Instructions

Assure detox review

Some people say the Assure Detox instructions are not clear. This confusion comes around the point of how many times you have to refill the bottle with water, and how many times you should urinate afterwards.

Generally, with a detox drink, you have to refill the bottle with water once and drink that as well.

However, what makes Assure different is the fact, as already mentioned, that it’s a double -sized bottle. You are getting 32oz of liquid.

That’s why there’s no instructions to refill the bottle. With other brands that are 16oz, you get the concentrated liquid, which you then help to flush down using an additional 16oz of water.

You are not having to do this with Assure because that 16 ounces is included in the actual bottle.

In terms of the frequency of urination, you just have to urinate several times in the hour after taking it to flush out the toxins.

So the actual instructions are simply that you shake the bottle well and drink the ingredients at a steady pace. Then over the hour after that to urinate several times to flush the toxins through.

Does Assure Detox Maximum Strength Work?

The instructions for using Total Eclipse Assure Detox state that you should avoid all toxins for as long as possible before using it, and also to not eat large meals before using the product.

The purposes of this Assure Detox review, I bought a bottle and drank it as instructed. I made sure I didn’t smoke for a couple of days beforehand, didn’t eat any heavy meals, and exercised as well.

On top of that, I did drink some water afterwards, and made sure I urinated three times in the hour after drinking all that.

However, despite all that, and the volume of liquid, the test was still positive. I waited another hour, and did another home drug test kit, and it still failed.

I’m a heavy weed smoker, but with the volume of liquid, the alleged quality of the product, and abstaining, I would have expected to see a negative result.

Assure Detox Review : Alternatives& Final Thoughts

I’m afraid the conclusion of this Total Eclipse Assure Detox review is that it simply does not work. That’s been backed up by a lot of reviews I have seen online as well. I don’t think my failure in the test was an isolated incident

It’s a shame, but what’s important is getting a detox drink that works, rather than one that looks good.

The bottom line here is that the best way to pass a drug test is to use fake urine. A good brand of synthetic urine like Clear Choice Sub Solution will pass you every time, and is simply a much safer choice.

best synthetic urine

It contains all the ingredients you need to have a genuine looking sample, and it doesn’t contain artificial preservatives that some drug testing labs look for the presence of.

On top of that, Sub Solution also contains a heat activator powder. This is great compared to other brands which use microwaveable heat pads, because it gives you complete control over the temperature of your sample.

Even up to the moment you submit it, you can pouring a little more heat activator powder, shake it up, and increase the temperature of your sample to keep it within human body temperature range.

If you don’t fancy submitting a fake urine sample, then your only choice is to use alternative high quality detox drinks.

The only ones I can really recommend are Mega Clean, Ultra Eliminex, Rescue Cleanse and the Combo pack of Qcarbo32&Herbal Pre Cleanse Formula.

The reason these are the only ones I ever recommend is that they all have a great track record in getting me through drug tests, and friends and family who have also used them.

On top of that, they get great reviews online, and contain ingredients that generally are associated with eliminating toxins.

These detox drinks aren’t cheap, but Mega Clean is comparable in price to Assure Detox.

The truth is that you can’t assure a detox using Assure Detox.

So the bottom line at the end of this Assure Detox review is that it doesn’t work and I can’t recommend it.

There are other detox drink you should consider, or even safer, use Sub Solution synthetic urine.