What Are The Best At Home Drug Test Kits

If you know you’re up for a drug test, then you’re going to have to stop those drug metabolites were detected. This can mean a number of things, but you will need the best at home drug test kit you can find to ensure that you are not going to be caught out.

So let’s take a look in detail at home drug test kits, how accurate they are, where you should buy them from, and also how to use a home drug test kit for urine, hair, and saliva drug test.

Why Use Home Drug Test Kits

A home drug test kit is basically the same as the ones that are used in a lab test. Now obviously, unless you are paying good money, then it won’t be so reliable, or up to lab standard, but it is possible to buy them.

What I mean by that, is you can pick up a cheap drug test kit in Walmart, but it’s going to be nasty quality, and it’s not going to be reliable.

The kits that the labs use a more than 99% accurate, and you’re going to be paying around $60-90 as an employer to have one administered. Scaling that down, to get the same quality of test to use a home, you’re going to be paying $20-30 at least.

You’ll want to use one if you are worried you will fail a drug test. Let’s say you are trying to naturally detox, and you want to know once you are clean.

Also, you could test out a detox drink that you are intending to use on the day of a drug test, and you’ll need a reliable test, probably a couple, to make sure that it’s working.

Home Drug Tests: How Accurate Are They?

As I said, high-quality home drug test kits are very accurate. In terms of how accurate are home drug tests generally, 99% accuracy is the benchmark minimum, but unfortunately, the real cheap nasty ones you can buy in Walmart or CVS aren’t anywhere near that standard.

If the drug test kit you buy to test at home doesn’t meet that high standard of accuracy, then what’s the point in doing it?

So I’d suggest you don’t try and cut corners here. If you’re going to use a method to pass a drugs test that requires you to check whether it’s working or not, then you need to spend some money on the right type of kit.

at home drug test kits

Get The Right Number Of Panels

Home drug test kits are available with a different number of panels. They range from five panels, up to 12 panels, but for nearly every drug test you will ever face, a 5 panel test will be enough.

The five-panel drug test looks for the five most common substances:

  • Cannabis (THC)
  • Ecstasy (MDMA)
  • Opiates (heroin, morphine)
  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine

So unless you’re up for a very unusual drug test, you’re probably only ever need to buy a five-panel drug test kit.

However, you can get 12 panel home drug test kits as well, so you shouldn’t think that they aren’t available.

Where Can You Buy The Best At Home Drug Test Kits?

 Let me start here by telling you where you shouldn’t buy a home drug test kit. Walmart, CVS, any of the big retailers, the home drug test kits they sell are awful quality, which is why they are so cheap.

If you want to know where can you buy a home drug test kit of good quality, well, you’re going to have to buy it from a reputable drug test avoidance vendor.

Just to give you a few examples, let me talk about the ones I’m familiar with. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do know a lot about passing drug tests when my body is stuffed full of cannabis metabolites.

If you are looking for a basic panel kit, that’s very high quality, then the best at home drug test kit to try in my experience is this 10panel kit. It’s more than 99% accurate, plus it’s fast and reliable.

TestClear sells a really good quality 6 panel saliva drug test kit. Saliva drug testing isn’t as common but is really handy to have a test kit on you, in case you face one at short notice.

If you fail it, then you know you are going to fail the real thing, then you can quickly use mouthwash or something like Oral Clear gum to clear up the mess. Oral Clear is expensive, so you’ll want to check first.

In terms of the unlikely hair drug test, there are not too many options. Hair confirm is the most reliable, it’s easy to use, just take the hair sample at home and send it to the laboratory in the pre-paid package provided for you. It’s damn expensive, but no choice, the options are very limited.

If you’re going to do the Macujo method to clean your hair, then you’re going to want to invest in at least one of these, to make sure it’s working.

best at home drug test

Why You Might Not Need A Home Drug Test

Before I finish, I just want to talk about how you can avoid using a home drug test kit at all.

If you submit a fake sample, a sample of high-quality synthetic urine, then you will not need to test anything at all. Your urine will be clean because the sample is fake.

The two brands I really recommend are Quick fix and Sub Solution. It’s very high quality and contains over a dozen biological markers that labs use in validity testing.

On top of that, Sub Solution uses a patented heat activator powder, which means you don’t have to mess about with heat pads or microwaves.