How To Pass A Salvia Drug Test

There are quite a few circumstances under which you might get asked to take a saliva drug test, which is sometimes also known as a mouth swab test or cheek swab drug test.

This quick and simple to perform type of drug test can be dangerous for a weed smoker, or any other type of drug user because you don’t need specialist training to take the sample, and the results are quickly obtained.

In some countries roadside swab testing can be done by the police, making it very dangerous. On top of that, any employer can do a mouth swab test because it doesn’t require specialist equipment or training.

That’s why I get so many questions asking about what countermeasures can be taken against a swab test, and why I’m writing here about how to pass a saliva drug test and stay safe.

How Long Can Toxins Be Detected In Saliva?

The topic of how long the metabolites from drugs stay in your system is an uncertain one, because everyone’s physical and drug use circumstances are different.

The bottom line is that if you are a regular weed smoker for example, that metabolites from the active ingredient that gets you high, THC, can stay in your system for three or more weeks.

This makes them detectable in a urine test for a long time.

But the good news is that toxins from drug use cannot be detected in saliva for a very long time, nowhere near as long as urine or hair tests.

Drug metabolites are undetectable in saliva in less than 48 hours after smoking or whatever. Even for a heavy weed smoker, metabolites usually disappear in 72 hours, 96 hours if you are really unlucky.

So the good news is that unless you are doing drugs every day then you are not going to get caught unless you are pretty unlucky.

When You Might Face A Saliva Drug Test

In some countries and states you could face a roadside saliva drug test if you are stopped by the police.

Now I’m not advocating you drive while you are high, but if you have got metabolites in your system from two days ago, it’s pretty unfair that you could lose your car, job and potentially your freedom and maybe your family, over that.

A lot of employers also use swab testing for on the spot testing of employees.

So for example, if you were involved in an accident at work, your human resources representative could take a cheek swab drug test and place it on a simple drug testing panel kit to get the result in a couple of minutes.

Which means that you could get caught out badly at work. You might have had one smoke of mild weed 23 hours ago, be perfectly okay, and lose your job.

All it takes is a quick cotton bud round the mouth, then a few minutes wait while it reacts to the drug test panel, and then you’re screwed.

roadside drug testing

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test Easily

The great news is it’s easy to protect yourself from getting caught out with a mouth swab test.

If you’ve got 24 hours notice before a mouth swab drug test, then you can simply brush your teeth about five times during the day and also use good quality mouthwash like Listerine a few times as well.

The combination of hitting your mouth with brushing and washing it out, in combination with the time, which will allow metabolite volumes to lessen anyway, will do the trick in most cases.

The problem is that most mouth swab tests are pretty spontaneous, you might get 30 minutes notice if you’re lucky.

Specialist Drug Detox Products That Can Help Pass A Cheek Swab Drug Test

So if you want to be smart, and work on the basis that you may only get a few minutes notice of having a saliva swab sample taken, then your best choice is to use a saliva neutralizing gum.

The one I would recommend is called Oral Clear. It’s a capsule. You simply pop in your mouth, chew it for about 30 seconds and it will neutralize your saliva for around 30 minutes.

You can’t buy oral clear gum at Walmart, Walgreens, anywhere like that. You can buy it at the manufacturer’s website.

cheek swab drug test

I’m telling you that it’s handy to have a capsule on you all times.

If you are ever called for a drug test, as you are walking to take it, or even as they are preparing to take the swab as soon as there eyes are averted, you can simply pop the capsule in your mouth and chew for about 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds your saliva will be neutralized of toxins, and you can simply swallow the remains. Even if somebody sees you chewing, they will just assume you had gum in your mouth.

Even if they are suspicious, how are they going to prove it?

If you are looking for an oral clear gum alternative, then the other option I would recommend is called Toxin Wash.

You can also get that from I’ve never used it myself, but as it is sold by a very highly trusted drug testing evasion web store, I trust it.

But as it’s a mouthwash, it’s not quite as simple to use as the gum, so as I’ve used it and it seems more simple to keep on you, I’d recommend Oral Clear.

Whatever choice you take, if you are a regular weed smoker or drug user, and you think there’s any chance you could face a mouth swab drug test, then you need to know how to pass a saliva drug test easily, and I’m telling you from experience that a neutralizing gum is the insurance policy you need.