How to Pass a Hair Follicle Test: A Guide

You’ve finally made it to the last round of job interviews. The company of your dreams has now issued a hair follicle test to prove your sobriety. While you might have been drug-free for your entire life, this test is fatal for those who haven’t.

Keep reading; this guide has all the information you need so you know how to pass a hair follicle test.

How does it work?

Hair follicle tests work by examining THC within the hair strand itself. If THC is present, then the results will show up positive. This means that the test subject has THC in their bloodstreams and is a clear sign that they’ve consumed marijuana.

A clinician cuts of a small hair sample from your body. On average, they cut about 3 clumps of hair (50 strands each). Your hair tends to grow .5 inches a month, so they’re removing about 1.5 inches of your hair for sampling purposes.

The sample is removed from the back of your head to preserve your hairstyle. If you’re bald, they might remove a sample from another part from your body (i.e., facial hair). Since THC can be stored up to 90 days in your hair, this is a difficult drug test to pass.

After ingesting a substance, whether via smoking, oral, or through injective methods, metabolites are produced when the drug is fully processed in the human’s body.

After the metabolites and drugs circulate throughout the bloodstream, they are inserted into your hair strand and nourish your hair follicles.

Because of this, it can take a long time for marijuana to be released from your hair follicles. Marijuana leaves THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) inside your hair once it’s processed through the body.

The THC passes through the bloodstream and can stay in your system for 14-180 days long. How long it stays in your body depends on the following factors:

  • Your diet and metabolism
  • How much you sweat during exercise
  • The quality of the marijuana strain
  • How much marijuana you smoked
  • Body Fat %

With that in mind, you need to know how to pass a hair follicle test: through preparation. And in this guide, we’ll help you learn the tips and techniques in order to pass it!

What Companies and Agencies Use It?

While most companies use urine, saliva and blood tests, there are some that will call for hair tests. White collar jobs (oil rig, construction, and other physical jobs) tend to drug test at will

This is to ensure that each of their employees is safely working on their projects. For them, hair follicle drug tests reduce the chances of project failure, injuries, and legal costs.

Statistically speaking, about 82.1% of companies use urine samples for testing. 12.9% take blood samples as a form of testing. Only 1.1% of the tests are hair follicle tests while 0.9% use performance tests.

Hair follicle tests are usually sent by high-end agencies who tend to pay their workers a high salary for doing their job description. Also, hair follicle tests are used to test employees readiness for promotion, so it’s important to prepare for any drug test that your company throws at you!

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Test

Why Hair Drug Test Is The Hardest to Pass?

While the hair follicle test isn’t a big problem for those who never used marijuana. If you have a hard past and you don’t want it to interfere with your new life, then understanding some new facts about drug testing is important.

Most people will tell you that hair follicle test is the hardest to pass. This is because the drug contents will go back longer than urine testing that traces back your history.

To pass, then you have to make sure that you’re drug-free for an extensive period (3 months).

There are a few ways that people attempt to cheat the test:  

  • Shave Hair Completely: Some people attempt to shave off all of their hair before taking a hair follicle test. However, this can produce negative results. The clinic will ask to remove another hair particle which can render this method rather useless.
  • Light User Loophole: This method only works if you smoke 1-2 times every two weeks. For light smokers, you smoke only a small amount one time in hopes that the test results remain undetected. While this is a good method, chances are you’ll fail. We don’t recommend using this method unless you are able to smoke in small amounts.
  • Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo: There are a few drug detox shampoos that can be used to pass a test. Most of these hair shampoos should be used to remove toxins that are placed inside your hair shaft. We’ll explain this further about this method later on in this post.

The drug testing labs aren’t stupid. They will know what’s going on and spot that you’re attempting to cheat the hair strand test. These are the 3 outcomes you’ll face once this occurs:

  1. Automatically fail you
  2. Take hair from other body parts
  3. Test your blood, urine, and saliva

Each of these options can be fatal to your future employment attempts. Therefore, you’ll have to prepare by taking a few weeks off of marijuana to pass the test. In our next section, we’ll discuss a few home remedies that you shouldn’t use for your next hair follicle test.

Home Remedies For Hair Strand Test

Sometimes, people try to use home remedies to help pass the test. However, none of these remedies are useful and could potentially lead to test failure. Here are some of the most common home remedies that people use.

I suggest that you don’t use any of them if you’re serious about passing your hair follicle test.

Baking Soda

Baking soda doesn’t help users pass their drug test. In fact, it can produce adverse effects if used for the long term. Studies show that using baking soda can harm your skin and cause the following effects:

  • Irritation
  • Hair Breakage
  • Cuticle Damage
  • Frizz

And, it has a high pH balance. On average, our skin has a 5.5 pH level. When placing alkaline soap (9.5 pH) products onto our skin it starts to irritate the scalp and remove the natural oil from your hair.

So, it’s best to avoid baking soda if you want to keep your hair intact.


In addition, Vinegar is an alternative that some users take to pass the hair strand test. However, it can cause a sulfite reaction once placed in your hair. If you place too much Vinegar onto your hair, your hair will become brighter, drier and will become brittle over time

When it comes to the anatomy of your hair, it’s comprised of 3 layers. The cortex, cuticle, and the medulla.

THC is stored inside the cortex of your hair which is protected by the cuticle. Vinegar is a bad choice because it only works on the cuticle, but doesn’t go deep inside your hair. So don’t use this home remedy!

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Test home remedies

Low Quality Drug Detox Shampoo

Using drug detox shampoos is a popular way to cleanse your hair, but most shampoo products tend to fail. This is because most of them are unable to get into the hair shaft, which is where most of the drug toxins exist.

Jerry G Method

You can also try the Jerry G Method, but it’s not 100% test-proof.

  1. Stop using marijuana until the test is completed.
  2. Use ammonia to dye and bleach your hair.
  3. Use Toxin Wash shampoo to wash your hair.
  4. On the 10th day, bleach and dye your hair again.
  5. Use toxin wash again to wash your hair.
  6. On testing day, apply baking soda to your hair. Wait at least 10-15 minutes and then was it off thoroughly.
  7. Completely wash your hair before the test with Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo. 

Macujo Method

Unlike the previous methods, the Macujo Method has a higher success rate. People have reported that if you repeat the method, it can potentially increase your chances for success.

Some people recommend that you should wash your hair at least five times before taking the test to ensure that you’ll pass it.

The Macujo method uses two parts: cleaning with Clean and Clear Pink and Heinz Vinegar. And it has a final cleaning process using Aloe Toxin Rid Detox Shampoo. During the initial cleaning process, the salicylic acid and acetic acid stop the cuticle creating pores, cracks, and fissures on the cuticle. These two acids are used to remove external barriers such as oil and dirt from the cuticle.

Next, your hair has to go through the final stages of cleansing. Use Aloe Toxin Rid Detox Shampoo to help open the cuticle and reduce the number of metabolites that are stored in the cortex.

People tend to use the Macujo Method because it has the highest success rate. With it, you can make a hair drug test kit with products you’ve bought from the supermarket.

People throughout the country have used this method to pass the test. So make sure that you follow the steps of this procedure to increase your chances of passing the test.

Products Required For Your Hair Drug Test Kit

If you want to pass your hair follicle test, you’re going to need the right hair drug test kit to help get the toxins out of your hair. Here are the five pieces you need to ensure that your hair is completely toxin-free:

Aloe Toxin Rid Detox Shampoo

(“ Aloe Rid Old Formula “)

Drug detox shampoo Most drug detox shampoos aren’t good at removing the cuticles due to multiple layers making it an ineffective choice. Because of this, some shampoo kits use heavy chemicals such as bleaches and ammonia.

These components are harsh and can break your hair if you’re not careful.

Because of this, the Aloe Toxin Rid Detox Shampoo was created. It’s sold with clean shampoo and is used to break down drug metabolites (inner layer) and remove the hair follicles (external layer) within the body.

When washing your hair with the shampoo, the shampoo removes the THC-COOH compartments within your hair.


People use this for the Macjuo method because it doesn’t have a interfere with the natural oils that are secreted from your hair.

And the Aloe Toxin Rid Detox Shampoo has propylene glycol. This includes moisturizers and conditioners to preserve the integrity of your hair and give it a natural look.

If you smoke frequently, start the treatment 7-10 days before the test to ensure that you will pass your hair follicle test. For more detailed info, check out my Aloe Rid review.

Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo

The Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo is supposed to be used on the last day of the treatment, few hours before the test.

This shampoo works by stripping the external barriers that are located in the surface of your hair. It’s a purifying lotion that reaches deep inside your hair shaft and removes the toxins that are stuck inside of them.

We recommend that you apply this onto your hair after the Aloe Toxin Rid Detox Shampoo. It might take over 45 minutes to complete this process fully.

When you add the Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo to your hair, make sure that you start with the purifier (eliminates the toxins in your hair), shampoo, and then the conditioner to keep your hair in good shape. For more info check out my Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo review.

Clean and Clear Pink Shampoo

Clean and Clear Pink Shampoo is used as a third layer of cleansing within the Macjuo method. Alternatively, you can use any shampoo as long as it has salicylic acid. Pour a good handful of Clean and Clear Pink Shampoo and apply it to your hair and scalp.

White Vinegar

White Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar are great choices for people who need to find out how to pass a hair follicle test. It works because the vinegar is an acetic acid and reduces the pH values in your body.

This helps mask the toxins that are in your hair and reduces the chance of them showing up on the test.

Tide Detergent

After rinsing out your hair the second time with the Aloe Toxin Rid Detox Shampoo, you will have to use Tide Detergent. Make sure that you use a good amount of laundry detergent so that it washes out all of the previous shampoos and renders your hair completely clean.

hair detox kit

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Test With The Macujo Method

Follow these steps so that you can fully cleanse your hair: 

  • Wash your hair in a deep sink and use warm water to prepare for the process.
  • Wear goggles to stop vinegar and shampoo from reaching and burning your eyes.
  • Rinse out your hair with warm water. Make sure that it reaches the scalp and the roots once you wet it.
  • Get a cup full of Heinz vinegar and apply it to your roots and scalp. This might burn the scalp a little.
  • Use salicylic shampoo to aid in the toxin removal process. This might increase the burning sensation.
  • Wear a shower cap and allow the mixture to sink into your scalp and hair follicles.
  • Remove your shower cap 30 minutes later and start washing your hair thoroughly.
  • The use (Old style) Aloe Rid Shampoo for your hair and rinse out your hair twice with it.
  • Lastly, use Tide Detergent to wash out your hair. You should use it until you experience a squeaky clean feeling with your hair.
  • On the day before the drugs test, use the Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo. 

Note: You will have to use a lot of water to remove the chemicals from your hair. And, you’ll have to complete the Macujo process 7-8 times . If you’re running low on time, then use it 3-4 times. Don’t smoke during this period.

Macujo method

Hair Detox Shampoos That Don’t Work

Unfortunately, not all drug detox shampoos complete the job. Here are some of the detox shampoos that are detrimental in helping you pass your hair follicle drug test:

Test Pass Shampoo

One reason why consumers don’t like this shampoo is because it’s bad at removing THC. Consumers complained that it only masked the Hydrocodones and not the THC. Because of this, using Test Pass Shampoo might actually cause you to fail the test.

55% of the Amazon consumers stated that the shampoo did not help them pass their drug test. So, its best that you try using Aloe Toxin Rid Detox Shampoo instead as it will strip the toxins from your hair more effectively.

Synergy Detox

Some hair drug test kits don’t work. They’re advertised that they’ll remove toxins and keep the THC levels nonexistent on test results, but in reality, the test results end up positive. Synergy Detox is one of them and should be avoided if you’re serious about getting the job.

One customer stated that even though they had abstained from smoking for 90 days, they still failed when using this product.

STAT detox shampoo review

Magnum Detox Hair Purifying Shampoo

You should not rely on hair products that have any negative reputation behind it. And the Magnum Detox Hair Purifying Shampoo has lead to a few failed test results. So you’ll need to avoid this product at all costs.

STAT!™ Shampoo Kit

If you have a lot to risk for your next drug test, you shouldn’t get the STAT!™ Shampoo Kit. It’s known for false advertising and failed drug tests. Many users who had tried this product stated that it failed to remove the toxins and they failed the test the next day. Just check out some reviews.

So, you should steer clear from this shampoo kit at all costs.


Now that you know how to pass a hair follicle drug test, you have to do one last thing: stop smoking. Abstain from smoking when following these methods so that you can stop toxins from being produced by your hair follicles and pass that test!