How To Pass A Hair Drug Test In 24 Hours

If you are up for a hair follicle drug test then you are in serious trouble if you have taken drugs, or smoked weed at all in the past three months. When you get the call, you won’t have long, so knowing how to pass a hair drug test in 24 hours is crucial.

But can you actually pass a hair drug test in 24 hours? Is it possible to pass a hair follicle drug test naturally in that time?

And even if it is possible to pass a hair drug test with 24 hours notice, you need to know how to remove metabolites from hair in the first place.

So let’s give you a full guide here on how to pass a hair follicle drug test, what you can do, what you can’t do, what will work, and what products to not waste your time on if you are trying to remove metabolites from hair.

What Is A Hair Follicle Drug Test?

A hair follicle drug test is where the lab will clip off samples of hair from your head in order to get a length they can test.

The standard length is 1.5 inches, which will give them 90 days history. They get this history because drug metabolites get trapped in the hair shafts as they grow out of your head, so hair shafts can record your drug taking history, which is incredibly dangerous.

  The lab only test 90 days because that’s legally the only length of time they can test for in a standard format. However, if you have longer hair you should ensure that the sample is cut to the right length while you are present, so that no mistakes can happen if you have taken drugs longer than 90 days ago. 

Some people are stupid and think that if you shave your hair off then they simply can’t do the test.

Think about that though, apart from the fact you will be referred back to the person who paid for the test, meaning you will have to explain why you did it, on top of that they can take the sample from another part of your body.

So if you are up for a hair follicle drug test and you have 1.5 inches or longer hair then the only way around it is to somehow remove the drug toxins from the hair shafts.

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test Naturally

Some people wonder how to pass a hair follicle drug test naturally. If you are wondering this then you need to understand how drug toxins get into the hair and how they can be removed.

As we have said, drug toxins get into the hair shafts before they grow. Basically, the blood toxins are in your bloodstream, and as the hair shafts grow in the hair follicle the toxins get into the shaft.

This shaft grows out of your head, trapping the toxins in it as it grows.

The only way you can remove the toxins is to open up the top layer of the hair shaft, which consists of hundreds of overlapping microscopic scales called the cuticle, strip out the toxins (attached to the center of the hair called the cortex), and then shut the cuticles again.

Which means the only way to pass a hair follicle drug test naturally is to have not taken any drugs in the previous 90 days, there is literally no way to naturally remove drug toxins from your hair other than not taking them.

how to pass a hair follicle drug test naturally

Methods That Will Not Pass A Hair Drug Test

So now that you understand how a hair follicle drug test works, and how there is no way to pass a hair follicle drug test naturally in 24 hours, let’s talk about the “methods” you’ll read about out there on the Internet that don’t work either.

I would hate for you to waste your time with something as important as a hair follicle drug test coming up, you need to be spending that time learning how to remove metabolites from your hair, not chasing rainbows.

Soaking it in vinegar and baking soda is not going to clean drug toxins from your hair. Neither is using lemon juice, or any other type of home remedy.

The basis for claims around these home remedies is that alkaline substances, above pH7, can open up the hair shafts, called the cuticles.

But they cannot on their own clean the underlying medula and cortex of drug toxins.

Washing your hair in detergent on its own isn’t going to work either, because it can’t open up the cuticles, even though it can strip out some of the toxins.

Basically no single home remedy is going to work. The reason that no single home remedy hair drug test kit method exists is down to the knowledge you now have about how hair is constructed.

Whatever you use has to open up the hair shaft, strip out absolutely all of the toxins, and then shut the hair shaft again. Nothing on its own is going to do that.

That’s why you need a method, rather than a single product, and why you need specialist products to make sure every toxin is removed.

Products To Avoid: These Will Not Remove Drug Toxins

Before we move on to the method that will teach you how to pass a hair drug test in 24 hours, let’s talk about products you will maybe come across, that are widely advertised as being able to strip your hair of drug toxins, but unfortunately definitely don’t.

Test Pass Shampoo 

Test Pass detox shampoo is often highlighted as something that will clean your hair for a hair follicle drug test. That’s simply untrue. It’s low quality, and none of the ingredients in it have the ability to do the three steps of opening the hair shaft, stripping out toxins and then closing the hair shaft again afterwards.

Reviews online are awful, and its claim on the bottle to be able to “keep your at-home lifestyle private” is complete rubbish.

Synergy Detox Shampoo

Synergy detox reviewAnother product that simply won’t work is Synergy Detox.

You can tell this product is crap when you read what it says on the website. It claims that it will work for some drugs like weed, but if you need to get rid of cocaine metabolites you will need their stronger product.

As you already know that any drug toxin is exactly the same in terms of how it works, it gets into the hair shaft and then need stripping out, you know that there is literally no difference between the metabolites in terms of removing them.

That fact destroys the entire premise of what Synergy Detox claims it can do.

Magnum Detox Hair Purifying Shampoo

Magnum Detox hair purifying shampoo is the third product I am going to warn you about.  Magnum detox also make a detox drink which is complete rubbish as well, which should tell you everything about the quality of their products.

In terms of their hair purifying shampoo, it’s reviews are awful, and if you read the marketing on their website, it doesn’t even claim to strip drug toxins from the hair shaft.

All it claims to do is to remove toxins from everyday use in the hair, so basically a normal shampoo, which at best is a clarifying shampoo, at worst a 99 cent shampoo bottled up at $35.

The Jerry G Method

Okay, so now you are aware of all the things that won’t work, now you know you cannot pass a hair follicle drug test naturally, and you can’t use single products to remove drug metabolites from hair, let’s talk about how you can strip drug metabolites from your hair shafts so you can pass a drug test.

The first option is called the Jerry G method. However, I’m not going to go through that in detail here.

The reason for that is that the Jerry G method uses ammonia to strip the hair. This can be incredibly damaging and there is literally no need to do it when there is another method you can use.

Macujo method

How To Pass A Hair Drug Test In 24 Hours

The only method I would recommend to pass a hair follicle test in 24 hours is called the Macujo method.

Now before I describe it, I will say that you will read online that this method can take about seven days to strip the hair of all the toxins. You have to do it at least once per day for several days to truly strip out all the toxins.

But, I’ve heard from several people, including a message the other day on Facebook from one of the people who read this site, that they passed the hair test using the macujo method over one day.

So basically, they passed a hair drug test through 24 hours of intensive treatment.

It’s not safe, and I wouldn’t recommend it because you might not get all the toxins out, and it’s going to strain your hair and scalp, but if you have no alternative it really could work.

So with that in mind, let’s look at how you could do that to remove metabolites from the hair and pass a follicle drug test, using my step-by-step guide to passing a hair drug test in 24 hours using the Macujo method: 

  1. Cover your hands with rubber gloves, and put goggles on because this is going to sting if you don’t. Also make sure you have clean and empty sink available, and a good supply of warm water.
  2. Wash your hair with warm water and then apply a liberal amount of white vinegar to it and work it in well. This will sting but that’s normal.
  3. Use Clean & Clear pink, or another shampoo containing salyclid acid, to wash your hair. Don’t add any more water, and don’t remove the vinegar, just put a big dollop of Clean &Clear pink on your hands, and work it in as well.
  1. Put on a plastic shower cap to protect your head, and then leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it all out with water until it is squeaky clean.
  2. Wash your hair thoroughly using Aloe Rid detox shampoo. This is an essential step, and you must use the original formula shampoo available only from Test Clear. It’s not cheap, but it’s the only place you can get the original version that strips out the toxins.
  3. Wash your hair thoroughly with warm water and then wash your hair again using Tide laundry detergent. Then wash your hair with warm water again until it is squeaky clean.  

passing a hair follicle drug test

The person who contacted me on Facebook did this five times in the day before their hair follicle drug test, and they passed.

They also did the fifth time on the morning of the test, which is unusual, but I would recommend you do it as many times as you can the day before, and then once on the morning of the test.

An important last step that most people forget, but it is literally essential, is on the morning of your test, just before you leave, to clean your hair with Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo.

It’s a high quality detoxing shampoo which will ensure that the scalp and hair are free of toxins on the surface.

Meaning that you won’t get caught out from stray toxins contaminating your hair and scalp.

You can order the Aloe Rid&Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo combo from this webshop.

Because you need specialist products in stock, I would recommend you make sure you buy the product you would need to use for the Macujo method, so they are available if you ever need them. 

The ingredients you’ll need to buy are:

  • Zydot Ultra Clean
  • Aloe Toxin Rid
  • Good quality vinegar (usually Heinz)
  • Clean & Clear Pink
  • Tide laundry detergent
  • Latex gloves
  • Shower cap 

So there you go it’s perfectly possible to learn how to pass a hair drug test in 24 hours, as long as you ignore the rubbish products and advice, and focus on the single method that could work.

It is a risk, because you should do it much more frequently than five times, it should be around 10 times over five days, twice a day basically,, but if you don’t have that time, accelerate it as much as you can tolerate, and you should stand a great chance of passing a hair follicle drug test.