how to use potable aqua to pass drug test

I’ve been in this game for quite a while, but this is a new one on me, being asked how to use Potable Aqua to pass a drug test. This doesn’t mean it’s new, I just haven’t heard of it.

On the surface it sounds bit nuts. But then some strange things in life are true. So what’s the truth about trying to use Potable Aqua to pass a drug test?

Let’s look at how to use Potable Aqua to pass a drug test, and do some testing to see if it’s true, or if it’s just another urban myth that will get you in trouble when you pee in that cup.

What Is Potable Aqua?

Potable Aqua is used to make water suitable for drinking. It’s especially used by people out in the wild. They are also known as “Coleman water purification tablets”.

Let’s say you get to a lovely clear mountain stream, and you want to refill your water bottle. You don’t know what’s upstream, it could be a dead animal. So what you do is you put one of these  Potable Aqua Aqua tablets into the container before you fill it.

When it dissolves, it releases iodine and hypoiodous acid. Together, these disinfect the water, with germicidal properties. They also keep the water slightly acidic, which can help to minimize growth.

Which is all brilliant if you out in the wild and thirsty, but what’s Potable Aqua got to do with passing a drug test?

how to use potable aqua to pass drug test

How To use Potable Aqua To Pass Drug Test

coleman water purification tabletsSo what we have here is another home remedy solution to passing a drug test. The obvious idea is that you use Potable Aqua to pass drug test, through it somehow eliminating the drug metabolites.

Well, I’m not convinced. It’s antibacterial for a start, and drug metabolites are nothing to do with bacteria.

But in the spirit of experimentation, I decided to use a couple of home drug test kits to test both methods for using Potable Aqua to try and pass a drug test.

The first method is: 

  1. Drop a Potable Aqua tablet into the urinary analysis (UA) container before you submit the sample to the lab technician.
  2. Urinate into the sample container, wait for the tablets to dissolve, and then hand it over. 

So that’s exactly what I did at home. I waited for dissolve, waited another five minutes, and then did a home drug test kit on it.

I failed. I never thought it was going to work, and this was confirmation.

Then I tried the second method for using Potable Aqua to pass a drug test: 

  1. Drop to Coleman water purification tablets (Potable Aqua) into a liter of water and let it dissolve.
  2. Wait 30 minutes. The water will be slightly discolored and taste of iodine slightly.
  3. Add 2x PA+ chlorine tablets to clear the water and get rid of the iodine taste.
  4. Wait another 20 minutes then drink the entire liter of water.
  5. Wait 15 minutes then urinate once. 

After that you should be able to apparently submit a urine sample that is free of drug toxins. Basically the crazy idea is that the Potable Aqua will rage through your urinary tract destroying all the drug metabolites.

In the cold light of day reading this, you’ll be unsurprised to know that I still failed a home drug test kit.

Alternatives To Potable Aqua For Drug Test

So the bottom line here is that it’s another stupid home remedy attempt to pass a drug test, one thats been spread on the Internet by a real Joker.

The truth is that you can’t learn how to use Potable Aqua to pass a drug test. There is no way that it will interact with drug toxins to clean your system. You might get lucky drinking the liter of water in the second method, but I’m telling you that 100% definitely, you can’t use Potable Aqua to pass a drug test.

But the great news is that you can pass a drug test using the following:

  1. Synthetic urine

A good quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution will definitely pass a drug test. The reason it will, is because you are not submitting a real sample. Because the synthetic urine has the main characteristics of human urine, it will test as a valid sample, meaning you will pass every time.

best synthetic urine

  1. THC Detox drinks

With a detox drink, you simply drink it now before you go for your test. It will flush out the drug toxins while still balancing out your urine so it appears natural. The good quality ones are Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean.

They aren’t cheap, but they will definitely flush out the toxins and give you a clear window of opportunity in which to submit a sample that will pass.

3.Marijuana Detox pills

the only ones I ever really recommend are called Toxin Rid. They aren’t cheap, but if you have at least five days before your test, then they will accelerate the elimination of toxins by up to 50%.

You do have to detox anyway, by abstaining from taking anything, sizing, resting and eating well, so your body can eliminate toxins at its maximum rate, but they can accelerate the elimination usually. For more info, check out my Toxin Rid 10 day case study!

So forget using Potable Aqua to pass a drug test, and stick to one of these three tried and tested methods to pass a urine test.