Palo Azul Drug Test Method Review

It’s a surprisingly common question that I’m getting asked a lot, and reading on drug forums.

People keep asking how to make Palo Azul tea. The reason is that it’s a long-standing home remedy for detoxing you for a drug test.

So I thought I better write a piece about Palo Azul drug test method potential, in terms of whether it really can detox you so you can pass a lab drug test.  In doing so I’m hoping to help a lot people not waste their time.

How To Use Palo Azul

Learning how to use Palo Azul is really all about basically knowing how to make Palo Azul tea and then drinking it.

What worries me is that you will see dedicated websites claiming that this tea can help detox you and get you through a urine drug test. They then try and sell you stuff at an inflated price.

But they are never very specific about how you use it, and what the benefits are. They claim it will detox you, but so does drinking water, so is this tea any different?

Is A Palo Azul Detox Possible?

The truth is a Palo Azul detox is not possible. It’s a natural diuretic, which means it makes you piss more frequently.

But that’s all it does. And green tea does the same. So does a normal cup of tea. There are lots of diuretics out there, and none are any less effective or more effective in reality.

And just because you urinate more, it doesn’t mean that you are detoxing. You can wee loads, but you are not speeding up the rate at which toxins are moving through your body.

So the whole premise of basing a detox drug test around this tea is nuts. You might as well just drink water lots and do some exercise.

Palo Azul detox

Hard Facts About Detoxing

The bottom line is that your body can only process drug metabolites at a certain rate naturally.

You can speed things up a little using specialist detox products, which we will talk about in a minute.

But basically your body can only expel toxins at a certain rate. Drug metabolites stay in your system for between three and seven days on average, with THC metabolites lasting up to 2 weeks if you are a heavy smoker.

Palo Azul tea is not going to help you pass a drug test, or even really speed up a natural detox.

Alternatives To The “ Palo Azul Drug Test Method “

If you want to get through a urine drug test, you have to either:

  1. Detoxify your body naturally, perhaps speeding it up using a really high quality detox pill, such as Toxin Rid. I don’t recommend you use anything lower than the seven day course, or the five day course if you are really pushed for time.
  2. Submit a fake sample using high quality synthetic urine. I always recommend Sub Solution.
  3. Temporarily mask the toxins using a high quality detox drinks for THC. This will give you toxin free urine for a few hours when you submit your test.

The bottom line is that Palo Azul tea might be healthy, but certainly is just another home remedy like cranberry juice, or a crazy method like trying niacin, when it comes to trying to get through a drug test.