How to pass a drug test with household products

Over the past 30 years drug testing, especially in the USA has become rampant amongst employers and the courts.  So it is no wonder that people are desperate for ways to disguise the signs of drug taking.

With the explosion of the Internet, weird and wonderful ways to pass a drug test are constantly being suggested. Spread through word-of-mouth.

On top of that, people are desperate. If they are asked to go for a test the next day they panic, which is why they start wondering how to pass a drug test with household products.

Is it possible? Or is it just Internet rumors, crazy people and luck that have led people to believe that certain household remedies will disguise toxins to get them through that important drug test?

What Home Remedies And Household Products Can Pass A Drug Test

I hate to bring you bad news, but the truth is there simply are not any household product that will help you pass a drug test without it being in combination with something more specialist.

Over the years loads of things have been talked about as getting you through a drug test, using only household products, stuff like:

  • The Sure Jell Certo method (drinking pectin)
  • Baking soda.
  • Vinegar to wash your hair free of toxins
  • Apple cider vinegar to flush out your system
  • Goldenseal
  • Cranberry juice or other food antioxidants
  • Tea and other diuretics

But the truth is none of them work. I say that with a small caveat as some people do point to the pectin method as having evidence of working.

Yes there is anecdotal evidence that pectin sticks to the lining of the bowels and therefore temporarily grabs hold of toxins and stops the next thing the body. But take a look online, you will find any hard scientific evidence to back this up.

Why Do People Say Household Products Can Pass A Drug Test?

There are several reasons why, but the most obvious ones are parroting what other people have said because it makes you sound like you know you’re talking about, and secondly, luck.

If you drank bleach to try and pass a drug test and failed, you wouldn’t tell anyone would you. But if you drank bleach and passed a drug test, you’d be on the Internet forums proclaiming it’s the holy Grail.

The truth is it could be something else which got you through that drug test, not the bleach. But because you say it works, other people will repeat that as evidence, and so it builds.

And I’m not advocating you drink bleach for any reason, especially not to pass a drugs test!

can you pass a drug test with certo

Ways You Can Pass A Drug Test

So let me assure you that you can’t pass a drug test with household products. That might also reassure you, as I’m sure the prospect of downing pints of cranberry juice or apple cider vinegar isn’t particularly appealing.

But you can pass a drugs test using proper products. This is what you can do:

  1. You can use fake urine

It’s not cheap, it can cost up to $75 for good quality product. But I can tell you that Sub Solution and Quick Fix work. They contain all the characteristics of real urine, and you can heat them to the correct temperature.

  1. You can use a detox drink

Again, good quality ones not cheap, around $50 for the two brands I recommend.  Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse are the only two you should be looking at. Take a few hours before your urine drug test, following the instructions exactly, and you can pass.

If you are going to use detox drink, you need to also abstain as soon as you know you going for a drug test. On top of that, I recommend you take Pre-Rid pills (you can get them with Mega Clean free if you order through testclear).