Success Using Cranberry Juice Before Drug Test?

If you are searching how to pass a drug test, then you will come across lots of solutions that people claim really work, cost little  money, and are easy to do.

Using cranberry juice for drug test success is something a lot of people seem to claim they have done. Unfortunately it’s impossible to verify that they passed a drug test using cranberry juice, for the very good reasons I’m going to tell you about right now.

Cranberry juice is one of several home remedies that people recommend for passing a drug test, rather than buying specialist detox products like detox drinks, detox pills and synthetic urine.

What’s the truth, is Cranberry juice good for drug test success, or is it just a myth it’s going to get you in trouble?

What Does Cranberry Juice Do For A Drug Test?

The idea behind people suggesting using cranberry juice before drug test is that it flushes the drug toxins out of your urinary tract, basically out of your bladder and beyond, leaving your sample clean as long as you submit it within a few hours of doing this.

In terms of discerning what cranberry juice does for a drug test, you have to look at its chemical composition.

What you will find is that there is really nothing cranberry juice that could help to drag drug toxins out of your body.

Sure it’s great for urinary tract health, great for urinary infections, but there’s nothing in it which has been linked to serious proof that cranberry juice good for drug testing.

Is Cranberry Juice Good For Drug Test Success?

So the bottom line here is that it’s very dubious that cranberry juice has anything in it which could help to drag drug toxins out of your system, basically to mask them.

The claim cranberry juice will flush out drug toxins also means you have to drink lots of it, like a gallon, which is tough in its own right. Sure, drinking a lot of liquid can flush some of the toxins out, but very rarely will you get anywhere near all of them out.

So the bottom line is that you might turn up for your drug test with a really healthy urinary tract, and lots of antioxidants in your body, but just as many drug toxins as you started with.

cranberry juice drug test

Cranberry Juice Drug Test Myth

So unfortunately, cranberry juice is a drug test myth just like many other ones out there. There is literally no household product you can drink that will definitely help you to pass a drug test.

Drug toxins infest your bloodstream and body cells for sometimes weeks on end, it takes a specialist products containing the right ingredients to not only drag the toxins clinging to your cells in the urinary tract out, but also to replace the lost nutrients in your body rapidly after you flushed everything out with an unusual volume of liquid.

This is why specialist drug testing products cost a significant amount more than trying to use cranberry juice to detox for a drug test.

What To use To Pass A Urine Drug Test

So basically, is cranberry juice good for drug test? No, cranberry juice = drug test fail.

There are only a few specialist products you can use to guarantee your success: 

Synthetic urine.

A high quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution or Quick Fix has all the correct ingredients in it to pass as a real sample. On top of that, both of these brands really high quality in terms of the heating elements they have with them. Sub Solution especially is brilliant because it has heat activator powder which gives you close control in the temperature of the sample right up to the minute you go into the lab to submit it, plus it doesn’t contain biocide, which is an unnatural preservative that some labs look for the presence of.

You could do a semi-natural detox if you have a few days notice.

To do this you will need to lay off the drugs, and get a high quality detox pill like Toxin Rid. If you have five days, you abstain, live healthily, and take Toxin Rid, then unless you are unlucky or a heavy weed smoker, then you should be okay.

The third choice is a detox drink.

If you only have a few hours notice, then you going to need to use either synthetic urine, or detox drink. A high quality detox drink like Mega Clean, and even more recommended, Rescue Cleanse or Ultra Eliminex, is the best way to flush the toxins out of your system and give you a few hours to submit a clean sample, something you will never achieve trying to use cranberry juice for drug test.

If you can combine a few days of detox using Toxin Rid, not a cranberry juice detox for a drug test, with a high quality detox drink like  Rescue Cleanse on the day, then you are pretty well set up to pass.