Failed Drug Test Consequences: Avoid A Hard Lesson

Many people think that failing a drug test will have very few consequences beyond the obvious suspension from work, or at worst losing your job. You just get another one, it’s no big deal, right?

But the consequences of failing a drug test can be far worse than that, and they can be life changing for a variety of reasons. It’s something that a lot of people don’t think about partly do to wanting to keep the party going, or cravings and addiction making them shut off to the dangers.

So what happens if you fail a drug test? Will life go on, and if so how?

Professional Consequences Of Failing

In terms of failing a drug test at work, there are likely to be several consequences.

Firstly, you could have caused an accident and hurt somebody else if you use machinery, drive, or are responsible for something other people rely on to be safe at work.

Secondly, if you are asked to take a drug test, for example an on the spot mouth swab test, or are sent straight to a lab submit a urine sample, and it tests positive then you will be suspended immediately, possibly without pay.

Most people who are suspended will be dismissed after a disciplinary process. If you are lucky enough to not lose your job and your income, you could be reinstated subject to passing a drug test. But that “return to duty” drug test is not always on the table, depending on the employer.

There’s also the ongoing stigma of having failed and employment drug test. If you are dismissed from your job for failing one, how can you ever seek a reference from your previous employer? How do you explain to your next potential employer that you can’t give them a reference?

Legal Consequences Of A Failed Drug Test

The legal consequences of failing a drug test can be far-reaching.

If it’s for driving under the influence, you could lose your driving license and potentially face a large fine, or a jail sentence.

That’s in addition to the guilt and lawsuits from other people you might have potentially hurt in a collision, once it’s confirmed you were potentially under the influence of drugs. Remember that a positive drug test is seen by the law as evidence of being under the influence, even though that’s not the truth and you might been free of the influence for days or weeks.

If you are on probation or parole, then failing a drug test could see you sent straight to jail. That speaks itself.

If you are under the watch of a parole officer or judge, then a failure will be recorded and this could follow you around and prejudice decisions made about you for years to come.

Drug testing at work

Personal Consequences Of Failing A Drug Test

Personally, there could be far-reaching consequences are failing a drug test.

If you have a partner, and they are not aware of taking drugs, they could leave you. You could lose the house, children.

Friends, family once made aware of failed drug test could also disown you. The consequences personally could go on and on, depending on the type of people you have around you.

How Easy Is It To Fail A Drug Test?

It’s far easier to fail a drug test than you might think. If you are a regular smoker or user then any urine drug test administered within a week of you last taking stuff could come up positive.

A mouth swab test can be demanded on the spot by your manager, who doesn’t need to be trained to undertake a drug test.

And if you are on parole, it could be a blood or hair follicle test, on top of a urinalysis, which would make it virtually impossible for you to avoid detection.

You have two choices, abstain and stay clean, or have periods of cleanliness while keeping countermeasures in stock like detox drinks and fake urine just in case.