Drug Testing In The Workplace – What To Know

Types Of Marijuana Drug Testing

In the United States, there are various forms of drug testing and they’re utilized in many areas. Drug testing for marijuana can be used for medicine, sports and law. It is possible for test for drugs using a urinalysis, saliva test or hair analysis.

Cannabis just happens to be one of the most detectable drugs. It tends to remain in the body for days or even weeks, regardless of the testing method that is selected. Getting marijuana out of your system takes a week at least with natural methods. Detox drinks, pills and fake urine is often used to fool the test.

The detection of cannabis is more time-consuming and it is impossible to determine the exact or even an approximate degree of impairment. This has created an issue in the legality debate.

Specimens Collection

Some employers conduct pre-employment drug tests, which vary from company to company. While the urine test is the most common, some employers will request hair and saliva samples from their employees specifically for drug testing. These tests detect a variety of prescription and illicit drugs, as well as alcohol.

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Purpose Of Workplace Drug Testing

There are many purposes of workplace drug testing, including random, post-accident, return-to-duty, follow-up and pre-employment, as well as reasonable suspicion. While pre-employment drug testing is specifically geared at helping employers find people who are drug-free and most suited for their company, random drug testing is geared at deterring current employees from utilizing illegal substances.

Effects Of Workplace Drug Testing

While employers report different effects of workplace drug testing, most report positive results. For example, testing in workplace environments has shown to be an effective component of safety programs. In fact, drug testing has been proven to reduce workplace accidents, which is extremely important for all types of businesses.

Another positive effect of workplace drug testing in improved morale. Employees who report to work alert and ready to perform have more confidence and determination to their jobs.

Drug testing also decreases absenteeism, downtime, theft and turnover. All of these benefits can ensure companies operate smoothly and efficiently. There is no doubt that a drug-free workplace offers a much better working environment for management, bosses and other employees.

Testing Methods

As mentioned above, there are many different types of testing methods that can be used to detected marijuana. Urine testing tends to be the most common, because it is fairly inexpensive. Just remember that a urine test will be able to detect marijuana roughly 7 to 14 days after exposure for infrequent smokers.

Heavy users will likely have marijuana in their urine for one to fifteen days. Anyone with high body fat may maintain cannabis in their urine for one to thirty days after their most recent exposure. In the United States, the average cutoff is right around 56 ng per mL.

Hair testing is another common form of marijuana test in the workplace. However, hair is much less common than urine. In this type of situation, your employer or potential employer will take roughly 1.5 inches of your hair and use it for testing. Hair follicle drug test is the hardest to pass!

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This can help to determine whether you’ve smoked marijuana in the last 90 days or so. Hair drug testing is usually only used for high-paying jobs and government jobs. Saliva testing is common in the American workplace. It works very similar to blood testing and is capable of detecting the presence of the parent drugs.

However, saliva testing is very limited. It is only capable of detecting marijuana after 72 after you’ve used the drug.

Blood testing is less common, but still used from time to time. Drug tests can detect marijuana for up to 24 hours after use. Urine is the most comment form of drug testing in the United States.

It is cheap and very effective, especially for detecting marijuana. If you’re trying to get a job, you should expect to take a urine drug test.


Marijuana is legal in certain states. It is legal for medical and recreational use in the State of California. Just remember that this doesn’t necessary mean that you can show up to work high. California laws make it possible for public and private employers to create and enforce their very own policies regarding marijuana.

If they do not have a drug testing policy, they are allowed to create one to address employees being under the influence in the workplace.

While you might not get arrested for smoking marijuana in California, you can still lose your job.

In California, the laws do not interfere with the rights of employers to keep their workplaces free of drugs and alcohol. They do not have to allow their employees to use, sell or grow marijuana in the workplace.

Drug testing in California


During the past few years, many employers in Colorado have actually dropped marijuana form their pre-employment drug tests. Nevertheless, you should know that federal law places very few limits on employers and their ability to test their employees.

Federal law doesn’t actually require or prohibit drug testing. Employers have plenty of freedom to pick and choose. There is no statutory scheme regarding drug testing in the State of Colorado. Laws in California confirm that employers will not be charged unemployment benefits, if they terminate an employee for failing to pass a drug test.

With this in mind, you should be very cautious about smoking before or during work. If you do, there is chance that you’re going to get drug tested and you may lose your job. In Colorado, your employer can pretty much do whatever they feel is right.


In the state of Washington, marijuana use is legal. Nevertheless, you should know that Washington employers will probably still test for marijuana. A 2011 decision by the Washington Supreme Court gave employer’s the right to terminate employees for the use of medical marijuana.

It was okay for the employer to terminate the employee even thought they had a valid medical marijuana card. Employers can test employees for drugs, even if those drugs are legal. If you’re caught with marijuana in your system in Washington, there is a good chance that you’ll be terminated.