Does USPS Drug Test? (2 Proven Ways To Pass A Pre Employment Drug Test)

I always find it really weird that big companies with tens of thousands of employees and a standard drugs policy in place are so difficult to find out about when it comes to finding out what their drug testing policy actually is.

The simple question does USPS drug test is answered online in about 1 million different ways. Some people say they do, some people say they don’t, some people say USPS drug test on first interview, other people say that don’t.

So what’s the truth? It really annoys me that a responsible smoker or user could get turned down for a job because of misinformation online. So I’ve been researching and talking to people to come up with the definitive answer on when and how USPS drug test.

Does USPS Drug Test At Interview?

The good news here is that in line with most other employers, USPS does not drug test on first interview. That would be crazy really, it would be too expensive.

However, taking a look at the USPS handbook which is available online,

section 518 Illegal Drug Use and Drug Screening, unlocks the following key information:

  1. You will not be tested at first interview.
  2. Applicants recommended for hiring will be sent for a drug test.
  3. Applicants on the hiring list who have taken a drug test are hired on the basis of that drug test being good for 90 days. After that, they would be retested before being offered a position.
  4. USPS may inquire with the applicant, or investigate the applicant prior to offering them a position, around their lifestyle and current, not previous, drug use. 

So there you go that’s what USPS do around interview and recruitment in terms of drug testing.

Number four on that list particularly scares me, because it seems to be that they are using the excuse of medical suitability to basically potentially poke around in your private life to see if you take drugs.

Does USPS drug test at interview

What Kind Of Drug Test Does USPS Do?

USPS seem to undertake urine sample (urinalysis) testing only. I have seen on some drug forums people suggesting they do blood tests as well, but there is nothing in their official documentation about that.

Blood tests may be used, and I guess hair tests as well, in the event of a serious incident. But basically it seems to be urine drug tests are the norm at the USPS.

USPS Drug Test: How To Pass One

So now we know that USPS definitely drug test during the recruitment process, we can make sure we are prepared.

And even if you are an existing employee, I’m guessing that if you are involved in an accident, or are a driver, then there may be random drug testing on the job as well.

The first way you can get through a USPS drug test is to use fake urine (for more info on synthetic urine click here).

A good quality synthetic urine such as Quick Fix 6.2 or Sub Solution is ideal for this, because they have all the right ingredients to pass as real piss, and they have the ability to be heated to the right temperature.

If you are not confident about submitting a fake sample, then you could go down the detox route. This would mean buying a high quality detox drink such as Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse , and making sure you detox on the day.

For more info on detox drinks, click here.

But whichever route you go down, make sure that if you are going through the interview process with USPS, that you are aware that USPS does drug test during the interview process, and that it’s advised to just stop taking stuff while that’s happening.