Does Spectrum Drug Test?

Let’s give you the lowdown on Spectrum drug testing. Charter Communications provide telecommunications services under the brand name Spectrum to more than 25 million customers in 41 states.

With such a large customer base and coverage, it’s little wonder that so many people are going for job interviews with Charter Communications. Which is also why there are so many searches online asking the question: does Spectrum drug test?

I’ve been asked this question about Charter Communications drug test types loads of times, so I thought it was the right moment to put accurate information together about the Charter Spectrum drug test.

When does Spectrum drug test, how, and most importantly, ways you can get around it if you are a smoker or user who has drug metabolites in their system.

Charter Communications Drug Test Type

Right at the start let’s just say that Spectrum drug testing consists of a basic level urine sample test for pre-employment.

This also appears to be the case for spot checking during employment. However, I can’t verify if you would also just be sent for a basic, low panel test if you had an accident, say if you were driving a van and were responsible for an accident.

The bottom line though is that if you are going for a job interview with Spectrum then all you will face is a simple urine test.

Does Spectrum Drug Test On The First Interview?

You won’t be asked to submit a sample initially. There is no Spectrum drug test at first interview.

What happens is that if you pass the initial interview process, and they are considering hiring you, they will ask you to submit a urine sample as part of background checking.

Background checking includes criminal history and for some positions a DMV report. On top of that, you’ll have to pass a urine drug test.

But the good news is that a very simple, cheap urine sample drug test. This means they only check for the bare minimum substances (usually five), it’s unobserved, and using the right methods, it’s easy to pass a Charter Spectrum drug test.

Spectrum drug test

How To Pass A Spectrum Drug Test

To pass Spectrum drug testing you will basically need to submit a clean urine sample. You can do this using two methods:

  1. The safest way to pass a Spectrum drug test is to submit a fake pee. So you will need some synthetic urine.

The best synthetic out there is Sub Solution. It contains essential ingredients they will check for in a genuine sample like urea, uric acid, creatine levels, pH. On top of that it doesn’t contain biocide, which is an artificial preservatives in some brands of synthetic urine.

Labs have caught onto this and some now check for the presence of biocide in the sample.

Even better, Sub Solution doesn’t use a microwave or heat pad. You can get complete control over the temperature of your sample because it uses heat activating powder, you simply put the powder in, shake the sample and within 30 seconds it will be at the right temperature.

  1. The other way you can pass a Spectrum drug test is to use a high quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean or Ultra Eliminex.

These work by flushing out the drug toxins passing through your bladder and urinary tract, giving you a clean sample for a few hours.

On top of that they replace nutrients and minerals in the body so that your sample is not rejected because it doesn’t appear natural.