Does Rite Aid Drug Test Cashiers?

With more than 60,000 employees, it’s obvious loads of people are wondering: Does Rite Aid drug test?

Well, in this post I’m going to answer that question, and I’m going to tell you exactly when you might face a Rite Aid drug test.

On top of that, I’m going to tell you the type of drug test Rite Aid administer, and importantly, I’m going to tell you exactly how to pass a Rite Aid drug test without getting caught.

What Sort Of Drug Test Does Rite Aid Do?

There is often a lot of confusion online about what sort of drug test the company does. Most often, that’s because some people claim it’s a urine drug test, while others claim a saliva drug test.

You can discount anyone claiming they had a blood test or a hair drug test, because those types test are very rarely done by companies, more often they are done by law enforcement, or for government jobs.

Rite Aid do a urine drug test. This is where you have to go behind a screen, or into a toilet cubicle, urinate into a sample container, and then you hand it to a lab technician, or the person who’s going to send the sample off for testing.

Rite Aid drug test

Rite Aid Hiring Process

One key question is around the Rite Aid hiring process. Basically, at what point of the hiring process do they ask you to submit a sample.

The answer to this is actually very clear, a lot more clear than with most other companies. I think it’s because Rite Aid have a very strict drug policy, and a strong desire to administer it.

After you have been interviewed, either at the end of the interview, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, within a few days, you will be told you have got the position conditionally.

At this point of the Rite Aid hiring process, to get the job, you have to agree to background checks being carried out, and to go and submit a urine sample.

Once you have been offered the job, you will usually be given 24 hours to go and submit your sample. At most, you will get 48 hours.

Does Rite Aid Drug Test Cashiers?

Another key question that comes up, is around the seniority in roles you have to be in to be drug tested, either during the interview process, or on-the-job.

As I’ve already told you, all people who are offered a job have to pass a urine sample test before they will be employed.

On-the-job, again, everyone is just as likely to be drug tested is anyone else. So the answer to the question: does Rite Aid drug tests cashiers, is yes.

Does rite aid drug test

How To Pass A Rite Aid Drug Test

Because you know that a pre-employment drug test at Rite Aid is going to follow soon after being offered a job, then you know that you can prepare for the drug test within that timeframe.

Basically, in the week leading up to your scheduled interview, you should be preparing for the drug test you know that will follow within 48 hours of that interview, should you be offered a job.

There are three ways you can prepare to pass a Rite Aid drug test:

  1. You could just do a natural detox, accelerated by high quality detox pills, called Toxin Rid. Using a five, or seven day course of Toxin Rid alongside a natural detox during the week leading up to your Rite Aid interview will do the job.

To do a natural detox you need to abstain from taking anything, go for walks and exercise, drink lots of water, eat well, sleep well, basically give your body the right circumstances to work at its peak eliminating toxins.

Then you take a certain number of Toxin Rid pills each day of your detox, and they will help to accelerate the flushing out of toxins massively.

Detox pills vs detox drinks

  1. The second way to pass a Rite Aid drug test is to use synthetic urine. Basically, you submit a completely fake sample at the testing lab.

This doesn’t sound as dramatic as it is, because legally, you can’t be observed. So you could just go behind the screen, or into the toilet cubicle, check the temperature, and then pour it into the sample container.

The two brands of synthetic urine out there that you can rely on to pass a Rite Aid drug test are Clear Choice Sub Solution and Quick Fix 6.2. Either will do, but Sub Solution is the best on the market, both in terms of its composition, and the fact it uses heat activator powder, rather than a heat pad.

  1. The third way you can pass a drug test is to use a detox drink. A couple of hours before you know you’re going to have to take a test, you drink the contents of the detox drink, and then urinate frequently over the following hour.

Once you’ve done this, all the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract will be eliminated for a handful of hours.

The only detox drinks I would recommend you using are called Detoxify Mega Clean and Ultra Eliminex. Both of these are very high quality, and I have personally used them both the pre-employment drug tests over the years.