Does Panda Express Drug Test?

Panda Express is a big company, with more than 2K locations in the United States, employing over 25000 people. So it’s little wonder that loads of you are asking does Panda Express drug test?

Well the bad news is that yes, Panda Express does do drug testing on employees.

But the good news is that you can get around a drug test at Panda Express and keep your job. Even better, if you are applying for a job you can get around a pre-employment drug test as well.

So let’s give you that vital information now, so that you are not one of the suckers who gets caught out.

When Does Panda Express Drug Test?

Panda Express reserve the right to drug test during pre-employment screening.

You are not going to get drug tested at first interview with Panda Express, that’s just not going to happen. But if you are offered a position, then that job offer will be subject to passing a drug test.

And if you already work for Panda Express, then you could be subject to random drug testing.

The company state employees can be drug tested on suspicion, or probable cause. So if you turn up smashed, or cause an accident, then you could be drug tested.

But the feedback from forums and friends is that if you are a bottom rung employee, then you going to have to cause some pretty serious damage to be tested on the job.

What Drug Test Does Panda Express Do?

The great news is that all the information I have is that Panda Express do a basic urine drug test.

This means you visit a local lab, and submit a sample.

What makes it even better is that it is an unsupervised drug test. So you just pop behind a screen, or in a different room, and fill up the sample bottle and give it to the lab technician.

They can’t see you put the sample in the bottle, so as long as you play it cool and have the right stuff to put in it, you can submit anything you want.

panda express drug testing ploicy

How To Easily Pass A Panda Express Urine Drug Test

The surefire way to pass a Panda Express urine drug test is to submit synthetic urine.

Now you are going to have to submit a high quality fake sample. This means investing some decent money in high quality synthetic urine.

There are literally only two brands of synthetic urine you should even be considering submitting during a Panda express drug test.

The first is Sub Solution.  The second is Quick Fix 6.2.

Both of these contain all the ingredients the lab will look for in order to determine if it’s a real or fake sample. On top of that, both come with ways of heating the sample to the correct temperature as well.

Now I know some of you guys might be terrified of submitting a fake sample, basically turning up at the lab with fake piss strapped to you. If that’s the case, then the alternative is to use detox drinks.

If you are going to detox, then you need to spend some decent money on original Mega clean with Pre Rid tablets. Take this a few hours before you submit your sample (detaild guide here) and you should have the toxins masked to pass a Panda Express drug test.