Does Kroger Drug Test?

Not many people outside the USA have even heard of Kroger, let alone know that it’s the second biggest supermarket retailer behind Walmart.

With that kind of power and staff turnover, it’s little wonder that so many people in the USA looking for employment want to know does Kroger drug test, and if so when are they likely to face a drug test?

A lot of people wonder if they will get drug tested by Kroger at interview, even before a first interview.

That’s quite an extreme situation, as I’ve never really heard of any company drug testing before they even interview.

So what’s the truth, and how can you make sure you get that job by passing a Kroger drug test?

Does Kroger Drug Test At The Interview?

I’ve heard lots stuff around Kroger doing a drug test before you even have an interview for a job. People mention a saliva, mouth swab drug test for this purpose.

I have to say dubious about this. It costs them money to do a drug test, even a simple mouth swab, so I’m surprised they would do it even before they even interview you.

But perhaps it’s a way of stopping active smokers and drug users from even going for a first interview, knowing there might get caught out.

So does Kroger drug test at the interview? The answer appears to be maybe before, maybe after your first interview, and maybe before they offer you a position.

But what’s important is not exactly when, but the fact that almost everybody says they do drug test during the interview process.

Does Kroger drug test

So What Is The Kroger Drug Test Policy?

It’s tough to understand what the exact Kroger drug test policy is because it’s tough to get hold of and there are so many conflicting stories.

But what’s essential to understand is:

  1. They do drug test during the interview process.
  2. They do drug test employees involved in accidents.

So whether you are going for a job, we already have one, you are in danger of being drug tested.

How To Pass A Kroger Drug Test Every Single Time

Nearly everything I’ve seen and heard says that Kroger do a mouth swab saliva test. It’s cheap, doesn’t require you to go to a lab, and anybody can do it at any time.

That’s why believe they do it at the end of your interview if you are going to get offered a job. Basically they take a mouth swab and if you pass then they go ahead and do the background check.

So Kroger does drug test, and you can get round it easily now you know it’s a saliva drug test in the following ways: 

  1. Most drugs are undetectable in saliva for up to about 72 hours. However, one of the exceptions to this is THC from marijuana which can be detected seven days after you last smoked, and in some cases even longer.

So the easiest way is to abstain for about a week. You can brush your teeth three or four times a day, swill mouthwash like Listerine three or four times a day, and you’ll be fine.

  1. Buy some saliva neutralizing gum like Oral Clear. Whether you are going to try a natural detox and stuff like I outlined in point one or not, using saliva neutralizing gum is a good insurance policy.

Just before you go in for your interview, pop a capsule of Oral Clear into your mouth, chew it and swallow it.

Click for more info on how to pass a saliva drug test

Your saliva will then be neutralized for about 30 minutes. If you think the interview might last longer, keep the capsule in your hand and you can even chew it for 30 seconds while they are preparing a mouth swab test.

  1. If you’re convinced you going to have to submit a urine sample, then the easiest thing to do is to strap some Sub Solution to yourself before you go to the interview.

As long as it’s at the correct temperature, you are guaranteed it will be an unsupervised urine test and you can just submit a high quality fake urine sample.

You can read more about synthetic urine here