Does Kmart Drug Test?

Although its glory days of 15 years ago, when Kmart had over 2000 stores, are long gone, the chain still has more than 430 stores across the USA. So there are a lot of people applying for jobs with them, and wondering does Kmart drug test at interview?

Now I’ve got a couple of friends who have worked at Kmart, and what they told me is being backed up by some pretty good information online.

So I wanted to give you the lowdown on when, and how Kmart drug tests, and how you can avoid failing a Kmart drug test every time.

Does Kmart Drug Test At Interview?

The simple answer is yes Kmart does drug test at interview. Although that’s not strictly the correct terminology, in common with virtually every other employer out there, you will be drug tested after the interview when you are offered a job subject to drug screening and background checking.

The process is that you go to your interview, and a couple of days later you will get a phone call telling you that they would like to hire you.

If you agree, you then get an email and you have to click on a link and fill out form to confirm you would like the job.

When you submit it with agreement, it appears to instantly trigger another email telling you that you need to go and submit a sample at a local drug testing lab.

You have three days to submit a sample after receiving the email. If you don’t submit a sample within three days of the date and time of the email then your employment offer is withdrawn.

does Kmart drug test on the first interview

How Does Kmart Drug Test During Hiring

The great news is that in common with most other low-cost pre-employment drug tests in the USA, Kmart uses unsupervised urine drug testing.

You basically visit a large lab corporation, submit your sample behind the screen, or in another room, give it to them and apparently they test it on the spot and tell you if you passed or failed.

If you passed you then get background checked within a couple of days, and then you are contacted about going into orientation.

I don’t know what happens if you fail the Kmart drug test, I’m guessing the lab tell you that you failed, and then the company contact you to withdraw the employment offer.

How To Pass A Kmart Employment Drug Test

So how does Kmart drug test? The great news is that it’s definitely confirmed Kmart drug testing is unsupervised urine sample screening.

This is the easiest type of drug test to pass because all you need to do is submit a fake sample.

Use a high quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution or Quick Fix, and you should pass the basic drug test every single time.

If you don’t fancy taking the risk of carrying it to the lab with you, then you could try a high quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean.

If you have more time, if you know you going to have an interview and you have five or more days, you could start a natural detox and speed it up with detox pills like Toxin Rid. To make double sure, you could use detox pills and on the day drink a detox drink as well.

It’s not as sure as using synthetic urine, but either method will give you an almost certain chance of passing a Kmart drug test.