Does Home Depot Drug Test? [Easiest Way To Pass A Home Depot Drug Test]

I keep getting asked does Home Depot drug test on Facebook. Even more so recently, which makes me think they might be having a recruitment drive.

I’ve looked into it, and talked to a few friends and unfortunately it’s not a great picture for anyone who might be applying for a job knowing they have drug metabolites like THC from marijuana in their system.

The Home Depot drug test policy is slightly unclear, but the anecdotal evidence is that you might have to think on your feet if you are going for a job there, or already work there, and could test positive.

So let’s look at how you can minimize the chances of being caught out and pass a Home Depot drug test.

So What Is The Home Depot Drug Test Policy?

When you go for a job interview at Home Depot, depending on the position, you may be offered a job on the spot, or after you have left the interview. Or your second interview, or whatever.

I’ve been told on several occasions that you can be given a swab test right after that interview, which is then processed before they even bother to do background checks for a criminal record.

If they don’t get you on the spot, then they can send you to a local test clinic near where you live. You have to go and submit a urine sample within a couple of days of being requested to.

So during the employment process you could be literally caught out on the day you are offered a job which is obviously highly risky.

Other than that, Home Depot do the usual employer thing of reserving the right to test you any time and to test you if you are involved in an accident during your employment.

How Does Home Depot Drug Test?

Home depot use two methods of drug testing:

  • Mouth swab drug test
  • Urine sample drug test

I’m guessing that if they are happy to do a mouth swab on the spot after an interview, then they could do a mouth swab on the spot during employment as well.

So you going to have to be prepared for either type of drug test if you know that you have drug metabolites in your body which will be detected.

home depot drug test

How You Can Pass A Home Depot Drug Test

The way to pass a Home depot drug test will obviously depend on the type of test you are asked to take:

  1. If it’s a mouth swab test then you can use one of two methods. If you have time, in around 24 hours toxins disappear from saliva, as long as you brush your teeth and gums several times in the day, and use mouthwash like Listerine a few times as well.

If you don’t have time, carrying a saliva neutralizing gum on you all times will help.

You can simply take it from your pocket and pop a capsule of it in your mouth. Chew it for 30 seconds and then swallow it. Your saliva will then be mask the toxins for around 30 minutes.

  1. If it’s a urine sample test then you will have about 24 hours to prepare, they can’t just send you off immediately, although we might be better to keep it at work in your car just in case.

You can either submit a fake sample of high quality synthetic urine, I would recommend Sub Solution because it contains all the markers they look for to determine a natural sample.

On top of that the activation powder medium get it to the right body temperature quickly. 

This is the surefire way to pass a Home Depot drug test because an unsupervised test, meaning you can go behind the screen and submit a fake sample easily.

If you are not comfortable submitting synthetic urine, then a bottle of detox drink, like: Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse will do the job.