Does Food lion Drug Test

Active in 10 states, with more than 63,000 employees, it’s no surprise there are a lot of people thinking of working for Food Lion who are wondering: does Food Lion drug test?

I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t seen such a confused picture in all the research I’ve done to find out about the way that companies do drug testing. I know someone who has worked for them, and they were confused as well.

But after a bit of digging, including a company manual online, I think I can tell you quite a lot more about the Food Lion drug test, and when you might face one. On top of that, I’m going to tell you exactly how to pass a Food Lion drug test.

What Sort Of Drug Test Does Food Lion Do?

Looking through trusted information sources, the Food Lion drug test is universally stated as being urine drug test.

Sometimes you get the odd person who says it’s a swab test, or some crazy person says it’s a blood test.

But the facts are consistent, everyone talking about a Food Lion drug test, says it’s a urine test.

Food Lion Hiring Process: Do They Drug Test?

Now there is some confusion around the Food Lion hiring process. Confusion is around if, and when, there is a drug test.

A few people are adamant that they were drug tested before they even had an interview. Others straight after the interview, and some said they weren’t given a drug test at all.

I’m pretty sure no company, certainly I’ve never experienced it, would invest time and money on a drug test, before they spent 20 minutes interviewing you. It’s far cheaper to interview, and then decide if they want spend money on a drug test, than the other way round. So I think those people are lying.

I do think a few people will be tested straight after the interview, and I do think some slip through the net.

Overwhelmingly, standard practice, which people who report on the Food Lion hiring process mention, is that they are asked to report to a lab sample, once they have been offered a position.

So yes there is a drug test during the Food Lion hiring process, and the new employee guidelines states the right to ask you to submit a sample before employment.

Does Food Lion Drug Tests Randomly?

It doesn’t look like many people are randomly drug tested by Food Lion. Although there are anecdotes of people saying that a manager knew they were smashed, and still didn’t send them for a drug test, I suspect that you would certainly be asked to submit a sample in those circumstances.

The same if you are in an accident, mostly to cover their ass for legal and insurance purposes.

But it doesn’t look like there is a structured random drug testing program at Food Lion.  But again, there is anecdotal evidence online of people saying they were randomly tested, so it could be a discretionary thing done locally. So it’s something you certainly need to consider.

does food lion random drug test

How To Pass A Food Lion Drug Test

So the answer is, yes, Food Lion does drug test. And it appears to universally be a urine sample drug test.

As drug testing doesn’t seem to be particularly high up the agenda for Food Lion, we can assume it’s the lowest cost of drug test, which means the lowest level of interest from the person administering it, and the quality of the testing.

Which means you don’t have to worry about getting caught with fake pee particularly, as long as you are discreet, you can easily smuggle in, and submit it.

In terms of a fake sample you should submit, Sub Solution is the absolute best synthetic urine, but for Food Lion, the second best, called Quick Fix 6.2, should be more than sufficient. Both look like the real thing, smell like the real thing, and contain all the biological markers a very basic drug test will look for.

The other option, is to use a high quality detox drink. This will flush the toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract, giving you a few hours clean of drug metabolites to submit your sample.

Detox drinks I would recommend are Mega Clean and Ultra Eliminex. These are both high quality, but still affordable. I personally used both of them to pass employment drug tests.

If you are going for a job at Food Lion, or if you already work there, then having fake urine or a good quality detox drink in your house, or even your car, will mean that you are insulated against pre-employment, or random Food Lion drug tests.