Does Family Dollar Drug Test?

Family Dollar is a huge retailer in the USA, with around 60,000 employees across most states. With so many local laws and variations, it’s no wonder that people going for jobs at Family Dollar ask: does Family Dollar drug test?

It’s actually quite a confusing picture. Evidence from people I know, and online discussion, paint a picture of local variations and decisions which could catch you out.

So if you want to understand when and how Family Dollar drug test, and how it could affect you, read on to get the lowdown, and also learn how to pass a Family Dollar drug test.

What Is the Family Dollar Hiring Process?

The family Dollar Hiring process is pretty similar to most other companies. Depending on the job you are going for, a low-level job might only have one interview, and then you will be offered the job. A higher level position might require more than one interview.

As part of that process, there is background checking and usually a drug test. I say usually, because online reports suggest that some people were recruited and worked for Family Dollar for years, without ever being drug tested.

However, that seems to be a small amount of people who maybe slip through the net in some way.

So in terms of pre-employment drug testing, you are likely to be tested during the interview process, but when it happens is interesting, and you should be aware of it to be on your guard.

Does Family Dollar Drug Test

When Does Family Dollar Drug Test Employees?

Reports suggest that family dollar can drug test you at first interview. At the end of the interview, people have reported being offered the job, subjects to urinalysis sample, which is taken on site.

Others have said that they were sent off to have a drug test right after their interview, while others said it was a couple of days after.

In fact, one person online said that they had to take a drug test before they had the interview, and when then invited in for interview, subject to the result. I find that one difficult to believe, but it’s something to bear in mind.

I know a manager for Family Dollar and he said that it depends on the location, and the position.

He said that you will be drug tested at some stage after the interview, and definitely before you start the job.

During employment, you could be drug tested if there is reasonable suspicion that you are under the influence, due to your behavior or because of an accident.

What Sort Of Drug Test Does Family Dollar Use?

Family Dollar drug testing is always a urine sample drug test. This is where you go along to a local lab, or you submit a sample to the technician on whatever site you are on, and it is tested for several things: 

  • That it’s within human urine temperature range
  • That it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients
  • That it’s not diluted
  • That it contains the biochemical markers of human urine
  • The presence of a range of drug metabolites¬†

how to pass a family dollar drug test

How To Pass A Family Dollar Drug Test

So now know the answer the question does Family Dollar drug test is yes, and we know it’s a urinalysis.

It’s also the case that any time you are invited in during the interview process, you could be faced with giving a sample at any stage. So you need to be prepared.

The two easiest ways to ensure that you are always ready to pass a Family Dollar drug test are:

  1. Use a high-quality detox drink

A detox drink doesn’t detox you. That’s a common misconception. A high-quality detox drink will flush the toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract.

It will at the same time replace the flushed out nutrients and restore the natural balance, allowing you to submit a sample that is free of drug toxins, and that also tests as a normal sample.

The three brands of detox drink I recommend aren’t cheap. But they do work. They worked for me, and they have great feedback amongst my friends, and online contacts.

Those brands are:

Any one of these will do, so it’s worth having one in stock ready for that Family Dollar interview. An hour before you leave for your interview, just drink it and urinate frequently, and you will be clean.

  1. Submit a fake sample

I would recommend a high quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution is your best option here.

You just put in heat activator powder, shake it up, get it’s the right temperature, and then strap it inside your leg, so it’s kept at body temperature.

As a pre-employment family dollar drug test will be unsupervised, you can just go behind the screen and submit a fake sample.

If it’s not the correct temperature, you can even add a bit more heat activator powder, shake it up and get the temperature right in a matter of moments.