Does Biolife Drug Test Donors?

Biolife Plasma Services are large employer, and also one of the largest blood plasma donation services in the USA. So from the point of view of people going for jobs there, and people giving blood, there are lot of people out there wondering: does Biolife drug test?

So let’s answer both of those questions accurately right now.

There’s a lot of incorrect information out there, and I want to make sure that this article puts it right, so that you don’t get caught out facing a Biolife drug test.

When Does Biolife Drug Test At Interview?

In line with most employees in the USA, Biolife reserves the right to drug test before confirming a job offer.

Biolife doesn’t drug test at first interview, it will be after the final interview. You might only have one interview, but for things like technician positions, sometimes people are reporting two, sometimes three, panel interviews.

The bottom line is that if you’re going for an interview at Biolife, then you should expect to be background checked, and sent for a drug test, if you are conditionally offered a job at the end of the interview process.

What Does Biolife Test For?

In terms of what does Biolife test for, for employment purposes, Biolife do a standard urine drug test. This is usually basic, and easy to pass, as they are unobserved urine sample tests.

The basic test, which is usually, for basic employment, a six panel test, check for the main substances like marijuana metabolites, cocaine, amphetamines, things like that.

In terms of donors, information is more sketchy. But it stands to reason that they would test for all the same main substances, and in addition HIV.

Does Biolife Drug Test Donors

Most of the information out there says that Biolife does not drug test donors.

That’s mostly true, however, that’s not the entire story. The true answer to: does Biolife drug test donors, is 99% of the time they don’t, but they reserve the right to do it.

When you go to donate blood plasma, you have to sign a form which states that you could be subjected to a drug test before you are allowed to donate. I’m guessing that’s so that if they have suspicions, they could ask you to take one.

I’ve also read online, a handful of people saying that they were drug tested, and were also turned away from the clinic.

It might be that they were obviously under the influence of something, but even if you are just going to donate blood at Biolife, I would be aware that you could potentially get drug tested.

Does Biolife Drug Test Donors

How To Pass A Biolife Drug Test Easily

I’ve already told you that Biolife do a standard urine drug test for potential new employees. This is the same on-the-job, where they can also randomly drug test, it’s written into your contract.

So now we know it’s a standard unobserved urine drug test, then we know how to get around that.

The absolute easiest way to pass a Biolife drug test is to use synthetic urine. The one I always recommend is Sub Solution.

Sub Solution is a high quality urine product that contains all the biological markers of real sample contains. On top of that, it doesn’t contain the artificial preservatives that some more advanced drug testing facilities are now checking for.

Even better, Sub Solution uses a heat activator powder, which is far more reliable than the more common heat pad and microwave oven method.

You can order Sub Solution from their official website.

If you don’t fancy transporting a fake sample to the drug testing lab, then a high quality drug detox drink is your other option.

The ones I always recommend are Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean. Both are high quality, affordable, and I’ve passed real-life drug tests using them.

The instructions are easy to follow, and they will give you a clear window of opportunity, usually around five hours, in which you can submit a clean urine sample.

You can buy Ultra Eliminex for 65$ and Mega Clean with Six pre rid pills for 69$

So in terms of passing a Biolife drug test, it’s perfectly possible to do, whether you are going for a job at Biolife, or you want to donate blood plasma.