Does Best Buy Drug Test At Interview?

Best Buy are a big deal in consumer electronics, with tens of thousands of employees across the USA. So people discussing the question around does Best Buy drug test is a common theme in online forums, and searches.

But it’s not always clear when Best Buy does drug test its employees, or if Best Buy drug test during their interview process.

So let’s clear that up right now, by taking a good look at the question around does Best Buy drug test, take a look at what happens during the Best Buy interview process, and discuss how you could pass a drug test if you were asked to take one.

The Best Buy Interview Process

The good news is that the Best Buy interview process is pretty standard. If you are selected for interview, you go along and have it, and possibly a second interview for a more complex or senior position.

You’ll then be contacted to be told if you’ve got the job. You’ll be offered it on condition that you pass a drug test and background check. Once you agree to this, you will be given a couple of days to get yourself organized to go and take a drug test.

So the good news here is that you not going to be drug tested interview for Best Buy, or straight after the interview, although you should be prepared. There could be a situation where the person hiring you offers you the job on the spot, and then asks you if you are available to go to a drug testing lab that day. Unusual, but possible.

What Type Is The Best Buy Drug Test?

Without exception, Best Buy drug tests are urinalysis tests, urine sample drug test. You go and submit a specimen, it’s tested for validity, whether it’s got all the biological markers it should, that it’s not diluted, and that it’s within the correct temperature range (90°F – 100°F).

These drug tests are always unobserved. This means you go behind the screen, or even into a separate room to submit the sample into the container.

Whoever is doing the Best Buy drug testing at the lab then has to test it for being within the right temperature range within a few minutes of you handing over, and they then have to test it’s not diluted or invalid.

Does Best Buy Drug Test All Employees?

So we’ve covered the Best Buy hiring process in the relation to drug testing, but does Best Buy drug test employees on-the-job?

There is no evidence of random drug testing at Best Buy. If you are promoted you are in effect going for a new job, and can expect to be drug tested during that process.

Importantly, if you are injured on the job, or you injure someone else, then you will almost certainly face a drug test. This covers their backside for insurance purposes.

There is anecdotal evidence online that some people working at Best Buy have never had a drug test, even during the hiring process.

But I would not take this as normal, it’s just the odd person who has either slip through the net, or has been through the interview process with a management team who have been sloppy. It might be a new practice to not test for low-level positions, but you can’t be certain.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

How To Pass A Best Buy Drug Test

So now you know that Best Buy does drug test, and you know when in the Best Buy interview process you might face one, let’s talk about the ways you can pass a Best Buy drug test.

  1. Fake urine

The absolute best way to pass a Best Buy drug test is to use synthetic urine. I would only recommend one of the two best brands, Sub Solution or the latest formula of Quick Fix.

Both are complex enough to pass validity testing. As long as the sample you submit is within the right temperature range, you’ll pass your Best Buy drug test easily.

Quick Fix uses a heat pad, which you have to microwave and then hope it stays within the right temperature range until you submit the sample.

That’s why I prefer Sub Solution. Not only is it a slightly more complex formula, but it also comes with a unique heat activator powder.

You simply add some to the sample, shake it, and it creates heat that will take it up to the correct temperature. You can even check the temperature just before you go into the lab, and add a bit more if needed.

You can order Sub Solution straight from the manufacturer for 80$.

  1. Detox drink

If you don’t fancy smuggling synthetic urine into your Best Buy drug test, then your only other real option if you are short of time, is a good quality detox drink. Mega clean or Ultra Eliminex other two brands I recommend, and use myself.

You drink the detox drink an hour before you go to your test, and then urinate a couple of times. A good quality detox drink will flush out the toxins, but keep your sample natural, by replacing the lost nutrients.

You can buy Mega Clean with 6 pre rid tablets for 69$ and Ultra Eliminex for 65, it’s on sale!

  1. Marijuana detox pills

If you have more time, a minimum of five days, then detox pills could be the way to go. So if you know you’re about to go for an interview with Best Buy, you could start short-term natural detox, and also take detox pills.

The only detox pills I would recommend are called Toxin Rid. They are really powerful, but expensive. However, they can speed up the elimination of toxins by about 50%. So in five days, you could flush out as much as two weeks worth the toxins, and the totally, naturally clean for a Best Buy drug test.