Does Allstate Drug Test All Employees?

Originally part of Sears, Allstate is now its own company, and one of the biggest insurance providers in the USA. With so many people going for jobs there, it’s obvious a big question for many people is: does Allstate drug test?

Well, I know the answer to that. I’m going to tell you when Allstate drug test, how they do it, and if they do it only after interview, or to existing employees.

On top of that, I am then going to tell you exactly how you can easily pass an Allstate drug test every time.

Do Allstate Drug Test During Hiring Process?

Yes, Allstate does drug test during the hiring process. If you have had an interview, and they are interested in hiring you, they will tell you they are going to do a background check on you, and that you need to go and pass a urine drug test.

If both of these are fine, then that conditional job offer will become a formal job offer.

So yes if you are going for an interview at Allstate then you need to be clean. Or you need to know how to get through a drug test when you are not.

Does Allstate Drug Test All Employees?

Allstate has it written into all employee contracts that they reserve the right to request a drug test sample is submitted at any time.

So the bottom line here is that if you work for Allstate, then yes, Allstate does drug test, and it’s not necessarily just the new employees.

And it seems like you might not get a lot of notice. You could be literally asked to attend the clinic with as little as 24 hours notice.

I’m guessing in an extreme circumstance, like you are suspected of being under the influence on-the-job, they could actually arrange for you to go straight to the testing clinic.

What Sort Of Drug Test Does Allstate Do?

The only sort of drug test that I have heard Allstate commission is a urine drug test.

This is not a scary as it sounds. You basically go to a lab, you get given a cup, you go behind the screen, or in a cubicle, then you hand what you’ve done to the lab technician.

You then go home, and your sample is tested for several things. They test if it’s a valid sample, that it’s not abnormal, that it contains all the nutrients and ingredients it should, and that it doesn’t contain anything artificial.

If you get through all that, they will test it for a range of drugs. This is what is known as a panel urine drug test.

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How To Pass An Allstate Drug Test

There are two ways you can easily pass an Allstate drug test:

  1. Submit a fake sample

Simply take along a small container of synthetic urine. Sub Solution is the best brand of synthetic urine out there. Not only is it very difficult to detect as fake, but you don’t need a large heat pad strapped to it.

You can use the heat activator powder included with it to heat it right temperature. This means you could literally get it to the right temperature before you walk into the drug testing facility.

You can read more about synthetic urine here.

For more info on Sub Solution synthetic urine click here.

  1. Use a high quality detox drink

Two hours before you go to submit your Allstate sample, drink a high quality detox drink. I always recommend: Ultra Eliminex, Mega Clean, or Rescue Cleanse.

For more info on drug detox drinks, check out this guide.

Drink the drink, urinate frequently to flush out the toxins, and then within a couple of hours, go and submit your sample.

The detox drink will flush out the toxins, keep the nutrient balance looking natural, and give you a window of opportunity to pass an Allstate urine drug test.