Does Albertsons Drug Test?

Founded in Idaho, Albertsons is an American success story, currently employing more than 250,000 people. It’s the second biggest supermarket in the USA, and unsurprisingly has a lot of people going for job interviews, which is why so many people wonder does Albertsons drug test?

Well, it’s a question I’ve been asked a lot on Facebook so I thought was time to write a proper post about the Albertsons drug test process, which takes place during the Albertsons background check, that is done on all potential new employees.

So what’s the deal, when does Albertsons drug test, how, and vitally, how can you pass an Albertsons drug test?

What Is The Albertsons Interview Process?

The interview process and drug testing set-up is pretty standard in a lot of companies, especially those employing for low-level positions.

If they are interested in you, you will be invited in for an interview. Usually, the Albertsons interview process is that you will have a first interview, and for a more advanced positions a second interview as well.

But basically after the interview process is over, if they want to hire you you will be given a conditional employment offer, based on you passing a drug test and background check.

So when Albertsons background check, they also do a drug test.

Does Albertsons background Check Fully?

The Albertsons background check, as part of the interview process, is a standard background check that will include checking:

  • Criminal convictions
  • Alcohol testing
  • 5-10 panel drug test

So undoubtedly, for pretty much any position you will have to do an Albertsons drug test, where you will have to go to a lab facility.

They give you a conditional job offer, and then as part of background testing you will have to report to a drug testing facility within 48 hours to submit a sample.

Does Albertsons drug test

Albertsons Drug Test: What Type Of Drug Test?

Almost universally, the Albertsons drug test is a urine sample test.

So you will go along to a local drug testing facility, where you will submit the sample. This is almost always an unsupervised test, meaning you go behind a screen, or into a toilet cubicle, and submit your sample into a container.

Very occasionally, some people report having a saliva drug test. These are actually even easier to pass.

With a mouth swab drug test, a sample is taken from inside your mouth, and that is tested instead of your urine.

The thing is, that a mouth swab test can only usually detect drugs that have been taken in the past 24-48 hours, where as with urine, it can detect drugs that have been taken in the past week, sometimes even longer.

How To Pass An Albertsons Drug Test

So whether you are up for a urine drug test, or mouth swab test, it’s easy to prepare for and pass and Albertsons drug test.

The first way to pass a drug test when being interviewed for a job at Albertons is to submit a fake sample.

A fake sample will be synthetic urine. A high quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution or Quick Fix will pretty much guarantee you passing a basic employment drug test.

These synthetic urine products contain all the natural markers a Spectrum drug testdrug testing lab will look for, and also especially with Sub Solution, are free of preservatives that some drug test facilities look for to spot a fake sample.

The second way to pass a urine test for a job at Albertsons is to drink a detox drink before you go to submit your sample.

A detox drink will flush out the drug metabolites in your bladder and urinary tract. On top of that, it will replace the nutrients lost when conducting that flushing out process.

The result is a window of opportunity, usually a handful of hours, in which will urine will be free of drug toxins.

The only brands I would recommend you look at our the detox drinks called Ultra Elminex, Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean. These drinks aren’t cheap to buy, but they will virtually guarantee that you submit a clean sample.

And finally, if it’s a simple mouth swab test, then your best option will depend on how frequently, and recently you smoked weed.

With other drugs, the traces tend to disappear within a couple of days, and with very light cannabis smoking, within about seven.

So if you are a very light and infrequent user, then abstaining, brushing your teeth regularly, and using a mouthwash like Listerine should be enough.

However, if you are not sure that will be enough, then the best solution to be 100% safe,and guarantee you pass an Albertsons mouth swab drug test, is to use Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum.

Oral Clear isn’t cheap, it’s basically a capsule you choose, that neutralizes your saliva for about 30 minutes. Just pop in your mouth before you submit your sample, and you’ll be is clean and anyone.