Does Adecco Staffing Drug Test?

Adecco is a large US employer, with hundreds of branches and thousands of staff. So a lot of people are wondering: does Adecco drug test?

But it’s not a straightforward question to answer, because there is confusion around drug testing at Adecco.

The confusion is that it can be different, depending on whether you are applying for an internal Adecco position, or who the third party Adecco are recruiting for actually is.

So let’s look at the Adecco hiring process, and also the company policy on drugs generally, so that you can learn how to pass an Adecco drug test.

The Adecco Hiring Process

The Adecco hiring process you go through will depend on whether you are applying to work for Adecco themselves, or for them to find you a job.

To clear that confusion up between internal and external recruitment, the hiring process and drug testing rules are exactly the same for Adecco employees as they are for people I find assignments for. However, if you are going for job to work for Adecco themselves, they tend to send you off to a lab after giving offered a position.

In terms of assignments, you apply through Adecco for specific roles. If they are interested in you, you will visit an Adecco branch, where you will be interviewed.

You will only be background checked and drug tested if the employer Adecco are recruiting for requires it. However, Adecco can also background check and drug test you for a position should they wish.

So it’s an unpredictable system, you could be checked by Adecco, or you could only be checked if the employer requires it, or you might not be checked at all.

Does Adecco Drug Test

When Does Adecco Drug Test Employees?

So the general thing you have to bear in mind is that if you are going for a job through Adecco then they could drug test at some stage of the hiring process.

Some people say they are handed a drug testing kit on the spot, and have to submit the sample right then. Others say they are sent off to give their sample, sometimes with a couple of days notice.

Other people have stated they have been given a mouth swab test on the spot. Still others have stated that when they go to meet the employer after being given the green light by Adecco, that the employer mouth swab tests, or send them off for a drug test.

It really is an unpredictable system, and you need to be prepared for a drug test every stage of the process, from your first meeting with Adecco, right through until you actually start the job.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Adecco use?

Adecco use urine drug testing and mouth swab drug testing. Employers you are forwarded on by Adecco for interview with will also use a combination of those methods.

In general, the Adecco employee handbook states that drug testing for associates can occur:

  • Pre-assignment
  • Return to work
  • Post accident
  • Random
  • Reasonable suspicion 

How To Pass An Adecco Drug Test

So now we know that Adecco does drug test, and that it can come at any stage of the recruitment process, from your first meeting with an Adecco representative, right through to being the last stage before you start the job with the third party employer.

We also know that it can be a mouth swab test, or a urine test. But because you will not be sure which type of drug test you will face, you may have to prepare for the possibility of either a mouth swab or a urine test.

Which means you have the following options to pass an Adecco drug test:

  1. Use Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum

This is a single capsule you can keep in your pocket. All you have to do is pop in your mouth, chew it and swill the liquid around in your mouth, and it will neutralize your saliva for about 30 minutes.

So you will really need to have this on you, and if it looks like they are going to drug test you on the spot, then when nobody is looking, simply pop the capsule into your mouth, chew it for 30 seconds and swallow it.

Saliva Neutralizing Gum

  1. Use a drug detox drink

To prepare for a urine drug test at Adecco, before you go for your meeting you can drink a high-quality detox drink like Mega Clean, Ultra Eliminex or Rescue Cleanse.

Two hours before you leave, drink the detox drink, and then urinate frequently until you leave. You will have a window of around 3-5 hours after that when your urine will be free from toxins.

So you will have to judge how long your interview/assessment is going to be in terms of masking drug toxins using a detox drink.


  1. Use synthetic urine

The surefire way to pass a urine drug test, is to use synthetic urine. A high-quality synthetic urine like Quick Fix or Sub Solution will almost certainly pass a standard urine panel drug test.

Get it to right temperature, strap it to the inside of your leg where it will keep warm, and then when you go behind the screen, or into the toilet to submit your sample, pour it into the container and hand it over.