Does Academy Drug Test?

I just recently a got question this week about this topic. Does Academy drug test? If they do, when?

I wasn’t sure at all, I don’t know anybody who works at Academy, and none of my contacts does either. But what I did do is post it the question in my Facebook group and I got a response from a guy on there who does work for Academy.

On top of that, I’ve used what he told me as the basis for some Internet research to try and get a few more facts for you.

So does Academy drug test? Well, the answer is no…but maybe. But let me explain what that means.

Does Academy Drug Test At Interview?

The guy on my Facebook group said that he never got any pre-employment screening when he started working for Academy. By that he meant he wasn’t even background checked let alone drug tested.

Now I don’t know if that’s universal, it would certainly be quite different to most other companies in the USA I’ve come across, who at least do basic drug testing during the recruitment process, even if it’s just a mouth swab test.

But it does tally up with what I found online. Nearly everyone who commented on questions over the past two years about when and how Academy drug test has been told by people who say they work there, or used to work there, that they don’t drug test at interview or during employment.

does Academy drug test

So What’s The Academy Drug Test Policy?

The short answer is: I don’t know. I can’t find it online, and the answers on the Academy drug testing policy around the net are vague as well.

But overwhelmingly, people are saying that Academy do not drug tested during the employment process. This may be slightly different from management positions, but that’s the overwhelming message.

The only thing people say is that in the employment contract they reserve the right to drug test suspicion of drug use. So I’m guessing if you turned up smashed then you might get sent for a urine test, and if you cause an accident then the same scenario might apply. That’s certainly what the guy on my Facebook group said.

It doesn’t look like they do a mouth swab test, because they are easy to administer and anyone can do it, so you would think they would do it during the hiring process at least. Which all points to the possibility of a urine test if you were ever to get one.

How Can You Pass An Academy Drug Test If They Ask?

So it looks like you are pretty safe from being drug screened if you’re going for a job at Academy sports and leisure.

On top of that, it looks like unless you cause some serious damage or are a complete idiot in turning up for work high as a kite then you are going to be fine.

But a few people are saying Academy does drug test, which means that knowing the countermeasures you could take, and having the stuff you need in stock will really help in case it happens.

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