Do They Drug Test

In the USA drug testing is widespread in companies. Whether you are being screened during a pre-employment process, or for a promotion, or if you have been involved in an accident, or they just fancy doing it, there are loads of times you could face the dreaded call.

Not only do you need to know what type of drug test you are facing, but you really need to if know the company drug tests at all.

The truth is that most large American companies like Walmart, Kroger, USPS, FedEx drug test, so do a lot of smaller ones, and the government does as well. But obviously, some companies say they do, when actually do it. Official policy is often not replicated on the ground, especially in franchise situations. Unpicking those complications can be tough.

You’ll also find that some companies drug test in one location, but don’t in another, and sometimes it varies from branch to branch, state to state, and even down to the level of being different in the same branch. It’s totally confusing, but with the right information, you can prepare yourself for employment.

With detailed looks at all the major companies, reading the official policy, talking to friends and family who have worked for them, and through networking online, here you can find up-to-date and accurate information about which companies drug test, when, and how.

Getting armed with that knowledge will allow you not only to pick the jobs you go for but also prepare countermeasures for the company work for.

Simply having some saliva neutralizing gum on you, for example, every day, could protect you 100% from a random saliva swab test, for example, it’s little things like that will you out of trouble, so that accurate information provided on this site could be crucial.