What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD infused products are growing extremely popular as of late. This is especially true for CBD topicals. This probably has something to do with the health benefits that can offer. Not only do they offer health benefits, but also when applied to the skin they can improve the overall look of the skin.

Topicals are growing in popularity due to the way they are applied. Instead of being smoked or ingested they are only applied to certain areas of the body. This means that they only interact with specific areas of the body rather than in a widespread manner.

A Look At CBD

CBD is a completely unique cannabinoid that is found within the cannabis or hemp plant. A cannabinoid is nothing more than a compound and there are actually over a hundred different compounds within the cannabis plant. Of course, THC is the most popular because it is the psychoactive substance.

That is not the case with CBD. CBD is not a psychoactive, but it contains all the medicinal properties. It is these medicinal properties that have made the cannabis plant so popular amongst the medical community. CBD can be extracted from the cannabis plant and chemically transformed into oil, tinctures or even topicals. These CBD products contain very little THC.

What Kind Of Topicals Are On The Market?

When it comes to CBD oil you will find that there are a wide range of manufacturers. However, within those manufacturers you will find that they all offer a number of different topicals. CBD topicals are nothing more than lotions or salves that can be applied to the skin or certain parts of the body.

Not only will they improve the overall look of the skin, but also they can help greatly when it comes to keeping pain at bay. If you are experiencing back pain all you have to do is apply some lotion to your back and the pain will be gone within minutes. Lotions, salves and lip balms aren’t the only topical available on the market.

You can purchase everything from CBD infused shampoos to scrubs. You can even find bath bombs or soothing soaks that can be mixed it with warm bath water. Soaking is a tub full of water infused with these substances will provide immense benefits. Much more powerful than what you would get with Epsom salt.

how to use cbd topicals

CBD Topicals VS CBD Oil: Which Is Better?

You have probably also noticed that CBD oil is also available. Oil is consumed in a different manner than a topical. CBD oil is consumed orally in capsule form and it can even be smoked with a specially designed vaporizer. Topicals on the other hand are applied to the skin and body.

That being said topical and oral CBD consumption methods do have a couple of distinct differences. Whether you are choosing the best method for you or you are just doing some research, it is important to note the distinct differences.

When CBD products are applied topically the CBD compounds only interact wit the cannabinoid receptors that are near where the product is applied. The cannabinoids might go through the skin to interact with the body, but they never ever enter the bloodstream.

This makes topicals perfect for targeting specific pain areas. You can really apply the pain reliever right where it is needed most. These are perfect for tired muscles and achy joints or dealing with troubled skin areas.

When CBD oil is taken orally or smoked it will eventually enter the bloodstream. This will provide the cannabinoids with the ability to interact with different receptors in the brain and body. It will interact with the brain, central nervous system, the immune system and even the peripheral organs.