Kratom Vs CBD Oil Vs Marijuana For Pain Management

People who suffer from intense and chronic pain would do pretty much anything and everything to get relief. Unfortunately, this often requires them to look far beyond the pharmaceuticals. Three potential options are kratom, CBD oil and marijuana. Which one is the most effective for pain management? The guide below will explore that question.

Kratom’s Most Common Use

In recent times, kratom has gained a lot of popularity for one reason. It tends to be very beneficial for drug abusers who are attempting to kick their heroin or prescription painkiller addiction. Kratom is known to cause effects that are very similar to those provided by opiates.

Therefore, it may be very helpful for weaning individuals off of those hard drugs. It is also believed that kratom may be good for managing pain. How does it stack up against the likes of CBD oil and marijuana?

Types Of Pain

It is important to understand that there are many different types of pain. The two main types are neuropathic and nociceptive. While marijuana might be best for one type, kratom or CBD oil could be better for another. Therefore, it is essential to identify the specific type of pain you’re dealing with, before trying to find a solution to the problem.

So, what is different about the two types? Well, nociceptive pain tends to result when you experience physical damage. This is the pain that you feel when you’ve been cut, burn or hurt in some way.

Neuropathic pain is different. It is a chronic pain that is caused by damage and deterioration of neurons. It may also be caused by malfunctioning neurons. While there may not be any physical damage, pain messages are still sent to the central nervous system and the brain. People who suffer from cancer, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia tend to experience neuropathic pain.

How They Relieve Pain

It is also true that CBD and kratom relieve pain in different ways. Many people believe that kratom is more effective for dealing with nociceptive pain. Most agree that CBD oil is best for combating neurodegenerative conditions and neuropathic pain.

To determine which substance is right for you, you need to figure out specifically what type of pain you’re dealing with. Then, you need to gain better insight into how CBD, kratom and marijuana treats the pain.

The Benefits Of Kratom

Again, it is believed that kratom is better for physical or nociceptive pain. Kratom actually interacts with the body’s opioid receptors. Users of this substance agree that it works exceptionally well for combating physical pain. The biggest benefit associated with kratom is the fact that it is a very good opiate substitute.

Some people who have been hooked on heroin and prescription painkillers swear the kratom is the only thing that has helped them end their addiction. Reports from previous users indicate that kratom is better at alleviating nociceptive pain than CBD oil and marijuana.

This includes active nociceptive pain, which is commonly treated using narcotic pain killers.

If you’ve hurt yourself at work or got into a car accident, you would most likely benefit significantly from kratom. This substance can also be very beneficial for people suffering from broken bones and similar injuries.

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Cons Of Kratom

While kratom is very beneficial for treating certain types of pain, there are some drawbacks. First, you need to understand that that there is some degree of risk associated with Kratom. Kratom isn’t necessary dangerous, but there is a good chance that it can be addictive.

There is a moderate risk of addiction, if the kratom is consumed over a long period of time without interruptions. This is bad for people who need something to alleviate chronic and persistent pain, since you’re going to need a solution every single day.

If you do get addicted to kratom, you are going to experience some withdrawal symptoms. You may experience a loss of appetite, severe fatigue, constipation, nausea and intense sweating. Just remember that the withdrawal process will usually not be as bad as what you would expect from opiates.

Since the risk of addiction is so high, it might not be a good idea to consume kratom each and every day. Using it once every three days is best.

CBD Benefits

It is believed that CBD is very beneficial and effective for treating neuropathic pain. It can also be effective for treating chronic neurodegenerative conditions, including fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. It may also be helpful for people dealing with chronic pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.

It might not be as strong as opioids and opiates, but it can definitely help. Another good thing about CBD is that this substance is very unlike to cause addiction. You also won’t have to worry about your tolerance. CBD is far less prone to this problem. This means that you’ll be able to take CBD oil pretty much every day.

A heightened tolerance probably won’t happen, so you’ll still get the same results every single time.

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CBD Cons

When it comes down to it, most research studies have concluded that CBD oil is very safe. As long as the dosage is 1500 milligrams or less, the human body should be able to handle the substance without any dangerous side effects. You also won’t have to worry about changes in your appetite, blood pressure, heart rate or body temperature.

However, it is important to understand that some people will react differently to CBD oil than others. Certain individuals will actually be at a greater risk of experiencing certain side effects. This is usually caused by the patient’s genetic predisposition or the dosage taken.

CBD could potentially interact with certain medications and decrease their effectiveness. This is going to be a bad thing for people who are taking other medications. There is also a good chance that you’re going to experience dry mouth when using CBD oil.

Again, CBD oil works great for combating specific types of pain. Just remember that there are some side effects. Therefore, CBD oil might not be right for everyone.

Marijuana Benefits

Marijuana is very similar to CBD oil. It works great for combating specific types of neuropathic pain. Recent studies have confirmed that marijuana is effective for decrease muscle spasms linked to MS. It can also dull pain related to certain neurological illnesses or injuries.

The cannabinoids found in marijuana possess strong analgesic properties. Marijuana can be beneficial for treating pain, nausea, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis. Another good thing about marijuana is that the risks of addiction are very low. Plus, you won’t have to worry about too many negative side effects.

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Marijuana Cons

While marijuana offers a wealth of benefits, there are some cons too. For instance, you’re going to experience a high when you smoke marijuana. Your balance and coordination may decrease. Your risk of experiencing a heart attack will increase.

You’ll also experience impaired problem-solving skills, memory and thinking. There may some legal implications associated with smoking marijuana as well. Another thing to note is that marijuana is going to contain a lot more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than conventional tobacco.

On average, marijuana smoke will contain 50 to 70% more. Therefore, you have to understand that marijuana is going to damage your lungs and respiratory tract. It is also linked to cancer.

Why Use Kratom For Pain?

Kratom can be very helpful for eliminating some types of pain. If you’ve stubbed your toe, broke your finger or suffered from a severe cut, you’ll definitely want to think about using Kratom. Just remember that kratom tends to be less effective for treating neurological pain.

If you have MS or fibromyalgia, you’re going to be better off using one of the alternatives. You should also think about using Kratom, if you’re trying to break free of a drug problem, kratom may be able to help.

One of the best reasons to use Kratom is the fact that this substance isn’t going to cause an intense high like many other opiates. By using kratom, you’ll be able to get the relief that you’re after, but you won’t have to worry about impairing your thinking or memory too much.

Just remember that kratom should not be used every day for a long period of time. You need to take a break from the substance from time to time. This will ensure that you do not become addicted and have to experience those withdrawal symptoms.

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Why Use Marijuana For Pain?

There is no doubt that marijuana can be very beneficial for combating some types of neurological pain. It works great for treating MS, nausea and glaucoma. The risky side effects associated with marijuana are slim to none. If you’re looking for a far less addicted solution to your pain problem, you’ll definitely like marijuana.

You should also think about using marijuana to treat your pain when it is chronic. It is safe to use the substance for a longer duration, since the risk of addiction is so slim. Just remember that marijuana is not suitable for all occasions. It is not a good idea to drive or operate machinery when smoking marijuana.

You also have to worry about the legality of marijuana in your area. Finally, marijuana smoke can be harmful to the lungs and respiratory tract. If you’re going to be using marijuana to combat your pain, you need to make sure that you’re aware of the risks. Many patients will agree that the pros outweigh the cons.

Why Use CBD Oil For Pain?

It is no big secret that CBD oil is an effective pain reliever. While science is limited, some medical experts believe that CBD oil may reduce inflammation, which is most often the cause of pain. The reason why some medical experts recommend CBD oil for pain management is because it does not induce a “high” like cannabis.

CBD oil is showing great promise for people who have chronic pain and opioid dependence. While more research is needed, it is believed that CBD oil is non-habit-forming, which cannot be said about opioids.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not regulate the dosage or purity of CBD products. The organization has also not taken any steps to approve these products for any medical condition. However, 44 states have legalized CBD oil. Sixteen of these states limit the use of CBD oil to people with epilepsy, glaucoma, anorexia, cancer, AIDs and other qualifying conditions.

CBD interacts with the receptors in the immune system and brain to help fight against inflammation and pain. Receptors are proteins that are attached to cells. They receive signals from a variety of stimuli, while helping the cells respond, resulting in both painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects.

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Consumption Options

It is also pertinent to consider the consumption options. CBD oil and kratom offer far more options that marijuana. It might be possible to make edible with marijuana. However, you can do so much more with kratom and CBD oil. With kratom, you can always mix the crushed leaves into the yogurt or take it in capsule form.

You can also take capsules to get the relief that you’re after. CBD oil can be smoked, but you’re better off using it other ways. For instance, you can place a few drops under your tongue.

You can also find CBD topicals and edibles. Be sure to consider all of your options. By experimenting a bit, you’ll eventually be able to find the option that works best for you.

Which Is Best?

When it comes down to it, there is really no definite answer. Some people will benefit more from kratom, while others will like CBD oil or marijuana. However, you do need to understand that kratom is best for physical pain. CBD oil and marijuana are far more effective for neurological pain.

If you’re suffering from physical pain, you should go with kratom. If you’re dealing with neurological pain, you’ll need to choose between marijuana and CBD oil. Each will have its own set of pros and cons. Therefore, you’re going to need to experiment a bit to find the one that works best for you.