Giving CBD To Your Pets – The Benefits & The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should

CBD oil and medical marijuana have been getting a lot of attention lately. Most of the attention has been positive but there are still plenty of people who condone the idea. One definitive thing for sure is that CBD oil has had positive effects on the mind and body of humans, but what about your pets?

Can CBD oil help improve the life of your pet or improve the overall cognitive function? Treating pets with CBD oil is starting to become more mainstream.

One recent study was done by Colorado State University to see if CBD oil would have any effect on treating seizures in dogs. Their findings were rather profound as they found that they were able to significantly reduce the number of seizures and the intensity of the seizures in dogs that suffered from epilepsy.

This study was done because it was also shown to help children who suffer from seizures. It also comes as a surprise that there’s still no known medicine to help treat dogs with epilepsy and seizures in dogs is quite common.

The study overall confirmed that 90 percent of the dogs treated with CBD oil had their seizures reduced when they were given CBD chicken flavor oil. However, 20 percent of dogs even with placebo had reduced seizures as well.

Will My Pet Get High?

One of the most common concerns among pet owners is that if they give their pet CBD oil, then it will give them high. The good news is, there’s literally no chance of that happening. It’s not even a possibility. CBD oil made for pets has virtually no THC and even the CBD products that do, the amount is so small, that it doesn’t cause any noticeable effects. So, the short answer here is no.

cbd for pets

#1 – CBD is Easy to Give to Your Pets

Some pets can be like children. There’s nothing you can do to convince them to swallow a large pill, which is unfortunately what a lot of medicine comes in. No one enjoys taking pills. Some pets have a hard time swallowing them or end up spitting them out before they’re swallowed because of the rough taste.

CBD is incredibly easy to give to your pets, without any kind of hassle.

Some CBD products can be applied via a droplet into the pets’ mouth and some CBD can be mixed in with the pets’ regular food. There are also some chewable CBD pet toys that make taking their CBD fun for them.

#2 – Cancer Prevention & Treatment

When your pet gets cancer, it can be heartbreaking because it’s not like when we get cancer. Cancer in pets can spread rapidly and without warning and there may not even be any known cause of cancer. Then, there’s the cost of treatment which can range into the thousands or even tens of thousands. Most insurance companies don’t cover cancer treatment in pets so if you’re not rich, you’re out of luck.

When your pet is diagnosed with cancer, it’s probably going to be in a lot of pain as cancer progresses. CBD oil however has been shown to be an effective treatment for some types of cancer and CBD oil greatly reduces the amount of pain that your pet is going through.

If your pet is undergoing chemotherapy, it will be in a state of discomfort all the time, so CBD oil can help reduce the amount of pain during that phase of treatment as well.

Also, CBD oil can even slow down cancer cells so that you have more time to treat your pet, spend time with your pet and it might even completely stop the growth of cancer cells. Be warned that this doesn’t apply to every type of cancer and it depends on how late into cancer the pet is.

There are some cancers that wreak havoc on the body and the only thing you can do at that point is to manage the pain and symptoms that your pet goes through. It’s still beneficial to give your pet a little CBD oil every once in a while, to help prevent tumors from growing and cancer from starting.

#3 – Heart Health

Having a healthy heart is just as important for pets as it is for humans. Heart murmurs is a common disease that pets get and sometimes, there’s no real reason for it. CBD oil can help prevent and treat heart murmurs in pets. Conventional medicine for heart murmurs in pets is insanely expensive and it doesn’t always work. Here are some other healthy heart effects CBD oil can have in pets. 

  • If your pet has weak or damaged blood vessels in the heart, CBD oil can help to restore those that are damaged or weak
  • For pets with high blood pressure, you can significantly reduce their blood pressure with a moderate amount of CBD oil regularly and it can help regulate a healthy blood pressure combined with exercise and a good diet for your pet
  • Irregular heartbeats are another cause for concern in pets because irregular heartbeats can lead to a condition called arrhythmias and these can be fatal in both pets and humans, so giving your pet CBD oil can actually help regulate a normal heart rhythm 

#4 – Brain Health

Having a healthy heart is one thing and it’s one of the biggest killers of pets but having a healthy brain is another thing you should be focusing on when it comes to keeping your pet healthy. Preventing some diseases that infect the brain are vital because in pets, there are free radical cells that travel throughout the central nervous system and destroy otherwise healthy cells.

A few of these diseases are Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s and more. Once a pet has these degenerative neurological disorders, it’s extremely hard to recover and even with proper treatment, there’s not a lot that can be done. CBD oil, however, can help prevent these free radical cells from roaming around in the brain in the first place.

CBD for dog agression

#5 – Taming Your Pet

We know how unnerving it can be when you have an aggressive pet and a pet you can’t take outside. Pets can be aggressive for a number of reasons. 

  • Some pets come from homes where they were regularly subject to abuse or they were neglected
  • Some pets come from areas where they were barely fed and this can cause them to become overly aggressive, especially during feeding time
  • There are neurological disorders (these are rare) which can cause pets to lash out in anger towards other pets or people and be increasingly aggressive 

It’s not just aggression though, some pets are completely skittish and will hide at the first sound of noise. These are often pets that were abused and instead of lashing out with anger, they hide from the thing they were conditioned to believe will hurt them.

CBD oil can not only calm the nerves of an aggressive pet but can help ease up on the tension that some pets experience that cause them to be so scared of everything. For example, if you have an adopted pet that for some reason is always scared of male visitors, it might be safe to assume they were abused by males or neglected by their father.

CBD oil can help relax the tension your pet feels from previous conditioning. The same can be said about aggressive and angry pets, CBD oil can work wonders on keeping your pet tame and calm.