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 CBD is becoming the latest trend in natural byproducts that can produce significant pain relief for a variety of serious health conditions, both physical and mental.

Even people with severe symptoms from illnesses such as multiple sclerosis and those suffering from physical and emotional pain through drug withdrawal are finding CBD oil useful for reducing their symptoms. Both humans and pets are also benefiting increasingly from using CBD cream for pain and to reduce anxiety almost immediately.

Anxiety can actually lead to physical pain, because of effects it can have on nerves and muscles, things like back pain neck pain are often caused by anxiety, therefore lowering anxiety can really help. Now CBD is not a miracle substance, but even people with chronic back pain are reporting that applying CBD cream directly to the area is relieving their symptoms significantly.

So what’s the truth? Is CBD a miracle substance, can it really reduce both physical pain, and emotional trauma which can manifest itself physically?

And is any of this backed up by scientific studies?

We’re going to answer these questions, as well as give recommendations on how to select the best CBD cream for pain relief , along with tips for using CBD oil and cream, as well as trusted places to buy CBD products.

Why CBD Could Help To Relieve Significant Pain

CBD is a cannabinoid. It and THC, the active ingredient in cannabis that gets you high, are the two main cannabinoids produced by the marijuana plant.

THC is already being linked to providing relief from the symptoms of a variety of significant conditions, which is why more more states in the USA, and countries around the world, are creating legislation for medical marijuana use.

However, THC can get you high, which means that both cannabis itself, and cannabis oil are problematic. Cannabis oil has high concentrations of THC and CBD, but also it can get you high which makes illegal. On top of that, people don’t necessarily want to get high when they relieve their pain.

But special strains of the cannabis plant, and the hemp plant, can produce oil from the flowers of the plant that is high in CBD concentrations, but very low in THC concentrations. It’s this CBD oil which forms the base of this new range of products.

People and scientific studies are increasingly reporting that CBD appears to be a substance that can significantly reduce physical and emotional symptoms by interacting with receptors in our bodies, but how does this work?

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How CBD And The Human Body Interact

The human body contains thousands of receptors known as cannabinoid receptors. These work together to form what is called the endocannabinoid system.

This essential body system controls basic human functions, such as mood, appetite, and importantly pain response.

Both THC and CBD appear to interact with the cannabinoid receptors in a positive way. What happens is that messages are sent between neurons, with the cannabinoid receptors being what creates interaction for a certain amount of time. Both CBD and THC lengthen the amount of time that these neurons communicate, which appears to lead to both of balancing in the body, and a lessening of the pain response system.

Although this is relatively new science, products have been available for quite a number of years now that are based around the principles of how CBD and THC interact with the body.

For example, in 2005, Canada legalized used of a product called Sativex which contains CBD and THC, for use by people suffering with acute multiple sclerosis.

This was backed up by scientific studies, as well as the anecdotal evidence of how marijuana use helps to ease the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

But it’s not just new science or new marketing. In fact, more than 100 medical products in the USA for pain relief were formulated from cannabis until it was banned in the last century. So in a way, it’s not new news, or new science, it’s just new attitudes have made it difficult to obtain and use.

So CBD has been linked to the easing of physical pain symptoms, and the lowering of trauma, for quite some time but it’s only been recently that CBD oil and cream products have become widely available and publicized as the stigma subsides again.

The Correct CBD Dosage For Pain Relief

What the correct dosage of CBD is for any type of ailment is problematic. Different concentrations in the oil or cream, along with different types of body and symptoms make it impossible to give specific dose instructions.

This is the same with medical marijuana, where some doctors are wary about prescribing it because they cannot offer proper advice on dose.

However, many people using CBD for back pain, reports that as little as 5mg per day can help, with the upper level of recommended dose from users being around 30mg per day. However, people with significant conditions sometimes use several hundred milligrams per day.

Talking specifically about the best CBD cream for pain relief, for example CBD for back pain relief, depends almost entirely on the quality of the cream.

CBD can be absorbed by the skin which will obviously target cannabinoid receptors in their area of the body.

A high quality CBD cream will contain as much as 1000mg of CBD per pot, which means that cream rubbed in two or three times a day to the area of pain should see a significant dose administered.

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Is CBD Oil Better THAN CBD Cream For Pain?

CBD oil and cream are two different ways of administering the same active ingredient into the body. CBD cream is more targeted, while CBD oil is taken orally.

Many people find relief using either method of administering, while others dose up to the level they need by combining a topical cream with a separate CBD oil product.

At the end of the day really does come down to personal choice, and the range of symptoms you are trying to alleviate.

The downside to CBD oil is that many people can struggle with the taste of it, which makes the ease, smell and targeted relief of the CBD cream attractive.

How Can You Buy And Use CBD Oil/Cream?

It’s important to remember that CBD oil or cream is not illegal. Cannabis oil is illegal in many places because it contains high concentrations of the cannabinoid THC which can get you high. CBD cannot get you high.

But you mustn’t get CBD oil or cream mixed up with hemp oil or cream. General hemp products do not contain high proportions of CBD. You need specifically a CBD hemp product that has a stated amount in milligrams of CBD.

In addition, to guarantee the quality, you really should only consider buying CBD salve for pain from a reputable, specialist seller who has a track record and high quality products.

If you buy CBD products from a nonspecialist seller, you are running the risk of buying a general hemp product which is packaged up as CBD because a premium on the price can be charged due to the increased medicinal potential.

High Quality CBD Salve/Cream Retailers & Products

There are literally hundreds of CBD creams and oil products out there, and of course is subjective as to which the best is for your needs. However, when it comes to finding the best CBD cream for pain, there are several high quality products from premium sellers to consider:

  1. Endoca: Hemp Whipped Body Butter

If you’re looking for the best CBD cream for pain relief, then we can’t find anything better than hemp whipped body butter available from a highly reputable company called Endoca.

It’s very high quality CBD cream, made from a range of ingredients you’d find in high-end body butters generally, making it great just looking after your skin.

On top of that, just 100ml of this hemp whipped body butter contains an immense 1500mg of naturally extracted CBD, leaving it incredibly rich in pure CBD to relieve pain.

With years of experience in the hemp product market, Endoca guarantee the quality of their products, and concentrations of CBD in their products, making them fantastic first choice to try.

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  1. Cannabidoil Life: CBD Soothe Balm

This little 1oz pot of soothing CBD Balm contains a whopping 550mg of CBD. Not as high as a number one choice, but still a very significant amount of CBD by volume which will certainly allow you to administer dose directly to the area where you require pain relief.

Completely organic, it contains top quality ingredients that will condition the skin and aid absorption, like cocoa butter, shea butter, arnica, beeswax and several essential oils.

Cannabidoil Life are a well-established company in the hemp product marketplace, with years of experience of sourcing high quality ingredients and producing CBD products for both humans and pets.

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  1. Made By Hemp: Hemp Salve

This is another great product from an established company, who have five years experience in producing and selling high quality hemp-based health products.

Their hemp salve is a great all-rounder, but doesn’t produce the punch that are other two recommendations do in terms of CBD concentration. The 2oz container holds 150mg of CBD by volume within the cream itself.

This is still a significant amount though considering that we’ve already suggested that a good maximum daily dose is 30mg.

As a general topical solution for pain relief it has great potential, and it’s concentration of more than a dozen different types of nutritional oil makes it a great choice for skin health as well.

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