If you’re relatively new to the concept, CBD products were made as an alternative to traditional medicine and pills but can still provide some of the same positive effects.

What Exactly is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s one of the compounds that can be found in cannabis plants but the thing about CBD is, it doesn’t actually get you high.

It doesn’t have psychoactive effects, much like the compound THC, which is responsible for getting you that high feeling.

There are a lot of online stores promoting CBD products and we’re here today to review

This website has a lot of different products on it so we’re going to be taking a look at all of these products, the price range of these products and what this site has to offer.

Does CBD Actually Work?

Some people swear by the positive effects of CBD and some people remain a bit skeptical. Your brain and body are consistently producing chemicals that have an impact on the body and your state of mind.

People who suffer from a lot of anxiety, stress, joint pain, skin diseases or people who have trouble falling asleep, more than likely have an overreaction of certain chemicals.

CBD works to reverse these effects or produce the right kind of chemicals throughout the body so that you can eliminate some of the discomfort and stress out of your life naturally without a doctor’s visit.

Here are just some of the benefits that you can obtain from CBD:

  • People who suffer from behavioral disorders or people who have trouble paying attention can see some benefit and see far more attention to detail-oriented focus
  • If you feel like you’re constantly off balance and you don’t know where your head is at most of the time, CBD oil has done tremendous wonders for getting people back into the right frame of mind
  • Anxiety is something that millions of people suffer from and CBD products can help reduce or even eliminate the anxiety you experience completely
  • If you’re someone who feels sluggish and tired in the morning or you struggle to keep going throughout the day, CBD products have been shown to improve performance and keep you going throughout your busy day
  • If you have rough and patchy skin, CBD products have been known to help improve the skin and heal wounds or cuts quicker as well
  • If you suffer from joint inflammation, CBD can drastically cut down on the healing time and get rid of the inflammation completely

There are many benefits to CBD oil and other products but how does hold up?

cannabis tincture

What is

PURcbd and PURkratom are the same company, they started sell kratom a couple of years ago and slowly became one of the biggest and most reputed kratom brand online(you can read my purkratom review here). In last September they launched their new brand: PURcbd.

The mission of PURcbd was to create CBD products that people could consume and engage with without spending an arm and a leg.

PURcbd has been selling healthy, organic and natural hemp oil products that can be alternatives to expensive traditional medicines. CBD Products

There are 6 main product categories on

#1 – Tinctures

Tinctures are basically CBD oil bottles and what’s great about CBD oil is that it comes in a wide variety of flavors.

Allpurcbd has the following flavors available: natural, peppermint and salted caramel. They offer three different strength portions from 250mg to 500mg all the way to 1,000mg. Tinctures are great for helping you reduce the amount of stress and depression you suffer from.

A 250mg bottle is only $39.99, so the price is relatively fair.

#2 – Lip Balm

CBD lip balm is said to work wonders on dry and cracked lips. Naturally, cracked lips can take weeks to repair and opening your mouth to chew can be quite painful as it progresses.

It’s pretty cheap considering lip balms at your local convenience store can be anywhere from several dollars to $30 or even more. The balm they offer comes in a vanilla flavored scent and it’s quite pleasing to the senses.

purcbd softgels

#3 – Soft Gels

Soft gels were made for people who hate swallowing pills or people who can’t swallow them due to another condition. The soft gels do lack in flavor but they come in a 30-count bottle at 750mg dosage.

#4 – Topical Salves

These are products that are still new to the market but have been around for possibly thousands of years. Salves are great for people who have muscle pain, muscle aches, and some people even use them to help heal wounds quicker. only offers one scent of topical salve, which comes in lavender or you can opt-in for no scent.

There are two different strengths, 400mg and 1,000mg. Depending on the dosage you get, you can get the 400 for $24.99 and the 1,000 for $64.99. Some people even report that this works wonders on their arthritis.

purcbd salve

#5 – Gummies

For those who really hate pills or people who like to have a bit of fun with their daily dose of CBD, there are gummies. You get the same benefit but just in an easier to consume form. has gummies starting out at $27.99 per 30 gummies, which is relatively cheap. They have a strength of 150mg and they come in a berry flavor. It’s more affordable than some of the other CBD gummies on the market, for instance: PlusCBD sells the exact same for $39.99 (30 gummies/150mg).

#6 – Capsules

These capsules are meant to relieve pain and to completely mask the effects of an ache. Capsules go to work quickly and you don’t have to swallow them if you don’t want to. They come in at a pretty strong strength of 750mg and one bottle comes with 30 capsules for $44.99.

Again, a pretty cheap pricing point compared to other products out there right now.

purcbd reviews

Do Products Work?

So, has a pretty nice array of products, but the question is, do they work? To answer this question, we turned to some of the customer reviews being left on their product.

One reviewer stated that their panic attacks became far more manageable and that they’ve seen great benefit from using the products. Another reviewer stated that the CBD products offered here helped them repair the damage to two ACLs. The amount of pain the reviewer has suffered has drastically gone down.

I have been using their products for one week only, but my first impressions are very good.

Another nice thing about is that they do offer a refund policy if you’re not satisfied with your order. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to determine whether or not the product is for you and if it’s not working out, they allow you to ship your product back for a full refund. They don’t, however, refund the cost of shipping, which is kind of to be expected.

Allpurcbd review: Conclusion

Overall, PURcbd seems like a solid company and they sell some pretty great products at a reasonable rate. They’re not too cheap to make you skeptical and they’re not too expensive to cost you an arm and a leg.

They also get a lot of positive reviews for their products and people who swear by them. It doesn’t hurt to try them out because they do offer a 30-day refund no questions asked policy.